DHaRCO Shorts and Jerseys: A Product Review

Recently those who follow Dirty Jane were able to get in on a spectacular opportunity to order clothing items from an Australian company: DHaRCO

DHaRCO was established in 2012 and is inspired by the Australian surf culture. Simple design, high functionality, and fun colors bring a bit of summer to your mountain bike wardrobe all year round! You will find jerseys in full length or 3/4 sleeve design.
(They also feature tech fabric t-shirts if you want an even more casual look.)

I purchased two long sleeved jerseys and one 3/4 sleeve jersey. I was pleasantly surprised by the pop of colors on the green/blue jersey. Photos that accurately show the colors of this jersey are almost impossible to get. Just trust me!

The women's shorts are probably one of my most favorite I've experienced so far with trying out gear this year. You will need to utilize their sizing guide to find the fit that is right for you. Normally I wear a size small in most American brands (Specialized, Shebeest, Bontrager, etc.) and for DHaRCO's shorts I had to purchase a size Medium.
(In other words, they size somewhat small and you will likely find yourself ordering a size up. If you are in-between sizes you should go with the larger of the two. I'm a 26/27 depending on the brand/cut of jean. I ordered a Medium for the shorts.)

You can find their sizing guide here.

The fit of the shorts is accurate and the fabric is really great. It has some stretch and feels really durable. You can adjust the fit with the velcro tabs at the top of the waistband for loose/snug fit.

The waistband is high, but it is not uncomfortable, especially for someone who hates that "digging into my stomach" feeling. The shorts have snap/zipper closure, so you have no worries at all of anything coming undone.

Bonus? No back gap allowed! The fit hugs your butt in such a flattering way! The shorts are baggy, but not too baggy. The true test will be when I wear them during the warmer months solo to see if the legs will snag my seat.

For late fall riding I wore the shorts over my tights for extra wind/cold protection. They fit over my layers and didn't bother me one bit.
Just adjust the velcro tabs for fit! I was able to still move around easily and didn't feel constricted with extra fabric.

They feel well-made and like they will last for a long time and I wouldn't balk at the price of the shorts after feeling how sturdy they are.They should easily withstand several seasons of riding.
The shorts do not come with a liner short, so if you choose to wear a padded liner short, wear what you love!

DHaRCO's gear is tailored for freeride, all mountain, DH and trail/casual XC riding.

You will find that the jerseys are light and breathable, so to make them more comfortable for you multiple months out of they year, a baselayer will help. The shorts are also made to be breathable in hotter conditions, which I will get to try out next summer. Like I said, I've been wearing them over my tights as an added layer against cooler temps and have found them fit nicely. (Even over an extra layer-which says a lot!)

So go on over to DHaRCO's website, or check them out Facebook. Another big thank you to Dirty Jane for supplying us with a great opportunity to get our hands on some awesome gear!