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Advocating Bike Life and Happyness

I have come around full circle since I started mountain biking in 2014. I remember myself as a new mountain biker, nervous and full of excitement for the challenges that would await me in the woods. Of course, I shed tears a few times, but I kept what the locals said in my head: "If you learn to ride in Decorah, you can ride anywhere."

Eventually, we sought out new places to ride and I loved the adventure of it! I couldn't wait for our road trips to new trails so I could see what I could or couldn't ride. The trips would provide an opportunity for me to grow and gain handling skills, along with keeping me humble.

Then the allure of strapping on a number plate came into my life because I was a woman and women were underrepresented in local races and beyond. For someone who battled high anxiety, committing to a race was challenging, but I did so for several years.

I tried to book myself with a couple of races per year, but the more I did them the less I enjoyed them. …

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