Transitions- A Thankful Post

Choices, chances, and changes are decisions and actions made on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes they are small and other times they are quite monumental and result in transition.

Buying a bicycle was a chance- I would either love it or hate it, but at the time I didn’t know which one it would be. I made the choice to follow through with the decision and ultimately changed my entire life.

Entering a new relationship was also a chance. However, I would regret a lot if I hadn’t allowed myself to pursue the opportunity. I have been able to have an enriching relationship that pushes me to explore outside my boundaries and keeps me learning and growing as a person.

My blog! I took a chance on my writing, whether or not people would enjoy reading my personal posts and if I could connect with other women. I had no idea that people would enjoy the interviews and how quickly they would travel. I never expected to have such positive feedback on my writing. 

I want to say a special thank you to Pedal Love, IMBA’s Dig In blog, and League of American Bicyclists for allowing me to share my stories. I am humbled and forever grateful to have the opportunity to potentially encourage and inspire others!
Another thank you to Whooha Gear, Shebeest, and Dirty Jane for giving me the opportunity to be an ambassador for such great companies! Your support is so appreciated!

I’m looking forward to the next year and the adventures I can share!
Speaking of adventures…there is change coming that several of my local readers will notice in the new year; you won’t see me behind the cash register at Oneota Community Food Co-Op.
Yup! You read it right. In January you’ll see me shopping at the Co-Op vs. working.

I will admit it was a decision that was difficult for me to make; I’ve worked at the Co-Op for over 6 years. I have seen so many faces, made great friends, watched kids grow up, and have experienced many wonderful moments. The Co-Op has been a second home to me; having been there during my tough life moments. I found solace behind the register when I felt overwhelmed with internal chaos.

I imagine most of you have already put two-and-two together, but for those who are still wondering, here’s my next step.......

I’ll be working at Decorah Bicycles!

Like I said, this decision came with a lot of thought behind it. I wanted to make sure that I would be mentally and emotionally ready to work alongside my significant other. I also had to come to terms with starting all over when it came to knowing my job, what I was doing, and the information I would need to have in my head. I’m leaving the security of a job I know like the back of my hand, to a new job where I will be starting over from square 1. If you know me on a personal level you know that kind of change/transition scares the crap out of me.

Bicycles are something I really love. I love what they can do for a person and how they can change lives. I know momnumental moments at the bike shop will be similar to when I worked in a salon. You don't get the customer that comes in wanting an extreme makeover every single day. However, the day they do come in-you will have that “Yeeeah!” feeling that really reminds you WHY you are doing what you do.

Earlier this year I was helping Travis out at the shop on a Saturday and a couple came in with their two younger kids. Their youngest had been riding a kick-bike and was ready to graduate a pint-sized bicycle! Seeing this little kid ride his first “real” bicycle for the first time around the shop was really inspiring. It gave me a happy that I have kept with me for quite some time. It was thrilling to see a child have such a wonderful and positive experience with learning to ride!

I realized that I had a desire to do something more for the community in terms of cycling; currently I do not have the time nor the freedom pursue my goals and ambitions in the ways I'd like to.
I put my all into something I believe in.

I have some great ideas that will be implemented sometime next year that will hopefully introduce more women into cycling and/or expand the terrain they ride.
I hope to do that with education and experiences
(Introductory mountain bike rides that can be one-on-one format vs. bigger groups. No-Drop, weekly group ride(s) throughout the season (paved trail/off road), and a women's night (possibly quarterly) where they can learn basics- changing tires, checking air pressure, and asking questions on bicycles/products.)

This isn't a good-bye by any means, more like a “Hey! Now you have a reason to stop by the bike shop!
Blogging, interviews, and product reviews will still happen full-force. Now I’ll be able to write about my experiences with riding as well as what I’m learning as a bike shop employee.

To everyone I’ve worked with and all the wonderful customers I’ve interacted with- thank you for making the past 6+ years of my life so memorable. You are all family to me, and I'll always have a smile for you!

Thank you, Travis, for allowing this opportunity to grow and delve into something I’m passionate about. Being there for me for these past few years and being so supportive of my blogging and riding. You've been a fantastic teacher throughout all of our head-butting moments. You're dope.

Thank you to my family and friends, who have been there for me, supported me, encouraged me, and have ridden bikes with me. Ya'll are the best and I really appreciate all you've done for me.

Thank you to all the amazing people out there who have helped with my blog. Reading it, being interviewed, or having written a guest post. Those who inspire me, have supported me, and given me the encouragement to keep up with it! The wonderful connections I've made have been fantastic and I hope to meet you all in person someday!

As far as transitions go, I’ll use the phrase I’ve said a few times in blog posts- “Get out there and enjoy the ride!


  1. Josie-- it's been so fun to watch you shift from one gear to another since that first night you told me you were thinking of riding a bike, to the first night I told you it was very obvious that Travis had a crush on you (wink), on through watching your confidence grow and your story widen with each ride. Happy riding & writing. Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Cerrisa!
      Teary-eyed a bit while reading this. I remember that night very well! One of my favorite memories of those early times...gosh...such a cute guy coming into the co-op all of a sudden.
      Oh bikes...they are good. Writing was something I didn't really think I could do, well, I guess I can!
      Thanks for the support!


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