Shebeest Boardrider Capri: A Product Review

Today I will review the Shebeest Boardrider Capris!

There is one thing that I will admit is an annoyance with most of the baggy mtb shorts I’ve worn-they easily snag your seat. This is sometimes cumbersome when you’re on already uneven terrain and attempting to get yourself re-situated on your bike. 

The pull and tug of fabric as it hooks around your saddle is just part of what comes with the baggier mtb shorts. Not only when you’re getting off/on your bike but sometimes when you are situating yourself to sitting or standing.

It’s becoming cooler here in Iowa, and during the fall and winter months you start looking for options that can keep your knees warmer. Nothing says fun like stiff knees during your ride, and stiff knees can make you feel slow and gummy. I knew that I wanted to keep biking during the cooler temperatures, but I wasn’t fully prepared-so I figured this would be a great time to try out the Capri shorts.

When I got the shorts I was so excited! The baggy fabric is exceptionally soft and flexible- they have a MicroFLEX fabric that is soft, resilient, and weightless. I was very curious to see how these would feel on a cooler 60 degree day. It feels like the fabric would be comfortable even on a summer day-it’s that light!

The MicroFLEX fabric has wicking ability and stretch for easy movement; it also stays wrinkle-free. The latter I feel would be appealing for those who would wear these for commuting around for errands on a day off. Perhaps great for those who want to stop for a bite to eat or a coffee after their bike ride.

The two back pockets have zippers but the main difference from my other baggies is that there aren’t really any front or side pockets. It’s not a huge deal, but it is nice to have zippered front pockets for easy snack storage. There is one small, non-closure pocket on the front, which would be sufficient for a pack of GU or a key-tho I prefer pockets with some kind of closure.
There are two little button-loops on the inside waistline of the shorts that you can unhook for a looser fit. There is a button along with a zipper fly-you won’t have to worry about velco keeping your shorts up/on!

The liner short is fantastic! The fabric is Shebeest’s MeshMove fabric. The liner shorts seem like they would be comfortable for every season. I haven’t experienced liner shorts under winter tights, but I am pretty sure I would like them over regular padded shorts (which sometimes feel too tight or that there is too much fabric covering me.

The liner shorts sport the SheLastic chamois-not too thick or thin. It’s made to support weight and not make pressure points feel uncomfortable. The side wings have low-density foam to help reduce friction and chafing while there is high-density foam for the areas where you contact the saddle. The microfiber chamois material dries quickly and helps prevent bacterial build-up. The chamois is also built to not be bunchy or wrinkle; preventing you from having those awkward moments where you need to re-adjust so you can ride comfortably.

The Boardrider Capris were tested on a mountain bike ride that lasted around 3 hours, which was quite a climbing session for me that day. I was comfortable the entire time, in terms of how the shorts felt as well as temperature-wise. No seat snagging, no bunching, and no adjustments were needed during my ride. Fantastic!

If you want a piece of cycling-related clothing that you can wear on the dirt or around town, I highly recommend the Shebeest BoardriderCapris. They are lightweight, comfortable, and look casual (and you don’t look like you’re wearing a chamois!) so after your ride, feel free to stop into a store to pick up a recovery treat and not worry about the whole “chamois butt.

They are a great investment and if they can withstand a mountain bike ride filled with tough climbs they will work great for any ride you choose- commuting around town, hitting the gravels, or your favorite paved route.


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