Petal Power Chamois Cream System: A Product Review

Today’s product review spotlight shines on Petal Power!
Petal Power is a women’s specific chamois cream system that consists of three products that can be used to increase the comfort of your saddle time, prevent sores, and help keep everything clean and infection-free! Petal Power was started by Jill Hamilton, who wanted to develop a product made for women, by women, with all of the good things we’ve been looking for. 

If you are looking for a product that is also USA made-look no further!

The first item is the Clean Start Wipes. The wipes are pretty basic, you get 20 pre-moistened, biodegradable (yeah!) wipes per container. They are made with plant-based solution to help cleanse your lower half prior to putting on the Joy Ride Cream. Natural products are used in the solution, which is something I love. With everything that we are exposed to in this day and age, I try the “less is more” approach with what I can; another bonus is that there are no parabens!
The wipes have a clean smell that is not overpowering at all. The purpose of the wipes is to gently cleanse your lower half and any other area that comes into contact with your saddle.

The second item is the Joy Ride Cream, which I must say, smells terrific! It’s a very pleasant fragrance that doesn’t have a chemical or overpowering scent. The concept of the cream is like other chamois creams/sticks-it will help prevent chafing and saddle sores due to friction. Many women have talked to Jill and wanted her to create a product that didn’t have Tea Tree oil (which can smell overpowering) or menthol or peppermint oils. Not everyone likes a strong-smelling cream on your lower bits nor does everyone want that “tingling” sensation, especially if they are more sensitive to various oils, etc.
The Joy Ride Cream is made to be gentle and natural. Silky instead greasy and easily washes away without leaving a sticky residue on you or your chamois!

The third and final item is the Fresh Finish Cleanser which is a mild cleanser with tea tree oil, lavender and pine tree extracts to help combat bacteria naturally. It also has anti-inflammatory properties (cucumber, aloe vera, and hops extract). A dime-sized amount is all you need to lather up your bits and get yourself squeaky clean!

The great thing about Petal Power is that they have all their ingredients and why they were chosen! It’s great to have a company that cares enough about what they put in their products to let the consumer be fully educated. No surprises and no gimmicks!

I must admit, I was more religious using a chamois cream last year while I spent a lot of time in the saddle logging paved trail miles. This year a majority of my cycling has been off-road and I didn’t really think about using chamois cream a whole lot. So often you find yourself lifting your rear off your seat due to roots or climbs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use chamois cream!

I’ve had a few times during this season where I realized after the fact, that having something on my lower half would’ve been nice. Regardless of the style of riding you do, you’ll probably find that you need to use some sort of cream-maybe you don’t notice it every time you ride, but there are days!
I like the system because it adds a step of self-care that you may not always think about. I mean, I don’t think “Hey! I should clean myself up before I put cream on!” I’m thinking “I have to hurry up, slather myself down, and get the heck outta here!”
It’s very simple. I go to the bathroom, then I clean up, then I cream up.
The cleanser afterwards is great as well!

I mean, smell your gloves after you wear them for a ride or two. They stink, right? Well? You sweat a LOT if you’re working hard…and your lower half is NO exception, especially on those hot and humid days during the summer months.
During the fall months I’ve found that I still work hard and I’m still a sweaty mess when I’m done with my ride. Winter will be the same, especially with wearing thermal tights and various other layers!
This system isn’t just for the prime riding months-but to be used anytime you ride.

Think about it-it’s a good idea to use a cleanser with some anti-bacterial properties that is gentle because even with the cream, you’ll have a lot of rubbing that will happen. Not to be tmi or anything, but I’ve had upset follicles down there, and it isn’t fun. It seems pretty logical-especially for me who spends a lot of time cycling in some shape or form.

I love that the chamois cream comes in a tub vs. a tube-which means you will get your monies worth out of the product without having to manipulate the container to get out every last ounce.

I also have found it’s very nice to apply after shaving as well. Men sometimes apply some sort of aftershave lotion…well; why not pamper your bits with something that is gentle and all-natural? It’s still skin and it’s still being aggravated by friction, pulling, and tugging. Plus? The cream smells GREAT! It’s nice to have some sort of moisturizer that isn’t going to clog up every pore.

So take a gander over to Petal Power and check out the products! Read the ingredients and make the decision for yourself. This is a system designed by a woman, for women-not just an “upgraded” product. You aren’t purchasing a re-vamped product that is now more “woman friendly” but a system that promotes self-care and well-being. It’s your body- women asked for products that were friendlier to their sensitive skin areas, and that call was heard and answered!

A big thank-you to Jill for creating the Petal Power system!