The North 40 Climb

I suppose I have a love/hate relationship with this post for today (August 7th) as it has been the only day so far that I've accomplished this uphill climb. I'm left with the knowledge that under the right conditions (outside and physically) this is something I can do.
I'll continue to make my attempts at tackling this hill, knowing that someday things will click and I'll make it more than once a month.

So onto the story......

Yesterday when I rode North 40 I wasn’t expecting anything above and beyond what I have already done. Each day I go to the backside to work on accomplishing the hairpin turn (hopefully) with one try, but I usually accomplish it the second time. I should say, on the second go when trail conditions are right.

On my way to North 40 I had stopped to have some water and a couple GU gummies since I was feeling a little fatigued and wanted to keep my energy up. A kid rode down North 40 the clockwise-direction, coming close to IPT. It was awesome seeing someone many years younger than me, out on his own, and riding the trails. Perhaps that gave me the gumption I needed for the rest of my ride.

Once I made it down North 40 (clockwise) I decided to immediately backtrack and ride back up (counter clockwise.)
I came to the second turn that always thwarts me, and remembered Travis said that somtimes you have to go slower going up a hill. It seems so contradictory, but it works sometimes due to circumstance. I eased my way around the turn, aimed towards the right (so I could ride over lower part of the big root) and I pedaled and pedaled. I was careful to not stand up too much, because that has made me spin out in the past. I had to squat and keep my weight distributed to maintain traction.
I was at the top!
I was in shock!
I whipped out my flip phone and took a small, crappy picture of my extremely happy face and immediately sent the photo to Travis.

I find myself continually surprised when I find myself accomplishing things that I originally thought would take me years. I'm finding I can accomplish skills in a few months! I'm also not saying that I do this perfectly every time. I’m still developing acknowledgement over the concept that I can mountain bike pretty well with a lot of work and practice.
It’s a humbling and very rewarding experience for me!

It just goes to show what can be achieved if you enjoy something enough to keep at it.