Lessons in Mountain Biking: Climbing Rocky Road

As I’m inching ever closer to needing a rest day, being told how beautiful the weather was, would not help my decision. My legs were feeling tired, the muscle in my left forearm wasn't happy, and I simply felt tired. As I watched the weather showing a chance of rain Thursday and Friday I decided a rest day would be better suited for tomorrow.

I got up and put together an outfit, thinking to myself that I needed to invest in more baggy shorts. I ride the mountain bike trails multiple times a week, I like the baggies for extra leg protection (well, from scratches or bug bites). I keep having to do laundry so I can avoid smelling rank and have shorts to wear.
After I put on my shoes, helmet, and Camelbak I grabbed my bike and rolled out.

Today my goal would be to ride up Rocky Road, something I accomplished last year, but can't remember. I wanted to see how I would do after having more off-road riding experience under my belt.

My original thought was to do a shorter ride, but with writing this post I have to laugh because I was still out for over an hour.
I decided my route: IPT, North 40, Gunnar, Pines, Fred, up Rocky Road, Pines, down Gunnar, IPT in reverse, then home.
My ride had been going as expected tho I will say that it’ll be nice when Fred is a little less dry. It’s exhilarating to ride down the trail, but I’m getting a touch nervous because of all the loose rock.
I turned left to head to Rocky Road, it’s a nice little trail that takes you to bridge and the creek crossing. Today there was a woman with her baby and a dog sitting on the bridge, all of which caught me off guard. It was a beautiful scene to see.

I made my way up Rocky Road slow and steady. I didn't want to loose the strength to climb or have issue getting air into my lungs. I kept going up, my legs burning, arms working to maneuver my bike over the rocks.

Soon I was past the entrance to Fred; it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I’m out on the prairie trail, gassed, but successful! I laid my bike down and squatted, head down to catch my breath. “Awesome.” I had made it up the trail without stalling out or putting a foot down.

Rocky Road bridge
Once I recuperated I got back on my bike and did a reverse loop through the pines, then headed down Gunnar, and back onto IPT.

It’s amazing and humbling to find myself accomplishing so many new things! I’m always surprised when I find myself achieving the goals I set and that keeps me motivated to keep on riding. I can't wait to see what else I can do!