Shebeest Belissima Solid Jersey: A Product Review

In a world full of patterns and logos, sometimes what I want is a jersey that is bright, comfortable, and well...plain. With as much as I ride it's fun to have an assortment of jerseys that I can wear.
Often times I'll wear more of a t-shirt style jersey (think Specialized Shasta jersey)

The nice thing about the bike world is you can wear whatever you want!

There are those who like designs similar to the Shasta jersey or you can wear a traditional jersey with the 2-3 pockets in back and full zip. You don't have to buy anything "special" just to mountain bike when it comes to performance clothing.

I've primarily worn the Bellissima Solid jerseys out on paved rides, so I thought it would be great to see how multi-purpose and comfortable they would be on the off-road scene. This day I wore the orchid color (I also own the jersey in peacock as well.)

The Bellissima style jersey from Shebeest is their most popular jersey design. It's noted for being a more relaxed cut with a flattering fit that doesn't look boxy. There is no elastic on this jersey (with most jerseys aside from the Specialized ones I have, the bottom hem has elastic to help keep it in place.)

As much as I'm in denial about it, I'm a petite person so more often than not I wear a small in almost any jersey. This would be one of the times where I found trying a product from a different company was a bit tricky.

By all definitions a small works with me, however for this particular style of jersey the small was actually too big for me, broad shoulders and all! When I put the small on I noted that it was comfortable, it was loose, and it did not flatter my body. Perhaps if I had a larger bust size it would've worked out, but that won't happen.

I was able to do an exchange opted to try the Bellissima jersey in an extra small. It was suggested that I try the S-cut jersey, being that it would fit more similarly to what other zip-jerseys I already had. I made a note to myself to try one of those jersey styles next time. I still had my heart set on owning two, beautiful and brightly colored jersey tops.

When the extra smalls showed up, I was thrilled! Now I could experience the relaxed cut and flattering fit-no more boxy front! This would be something to make note of-if you are smaller in size/stature you may find that this particular jersey will be one size too big in your usual size.

There is a an 11 inch zipper in the front-often I will leave it partially unzipped for a more casual look. I do like collar design, it doesn't choke or make me feel uncomfortable if the jersey is fully zipped.

There are two pockets in the rear for holding essentials such as keys, snacks, etc. (I utilize those when on the paved trail for my Clif Bloks and cellphone) on the mountain bike trails they are usually empty.

The fabric wicks away moisture and also has a sun protection (rated 45 UPF)

The jersey moves with you, but the only downside would be that it would get a bit bunchy around my waist Camelbak strap. I did not find this to be an issue, a simple adjustment would have it down again (but you are continually moving and climbing-but it did not impede my riding or make me uncomfortable.) This would be where elastic would be helpful, but in the same sense that can pose issues of staying in place as well. Also, I have other Camelbaks that do not have a lower-waist strap, so there would not be any bunching issue with wearing one of those.

Overall I think this is a fantastic jersey for those wanting something fun and colorful without being "branded" by a bunch of logos or flashy designs. Great for visibility out on paved surfaces or the off-road scene, it fits comfortably and is breathable for those hot days.

I recommend this style of jersey if a woman isn't interested in having something too tight or sport-fitting. It reminds me of my Shasta jerseys, but with a more "traditional" jersey look. Keep in mind, sizing might be a little tricky- if you have a shop near you that sells the Shebeest product, make sure to try a size lower than you normally wear to compare fit. With this jersey you can and will have style and all-round comfort!