The First Race

Today is the day that I will be entering my first race. Which one? Well, none other than the Pugsley Fat Bike World Championships.

I was originally going to have the Decorah Time Trials be my first event, however, a kind person who had stopped by the bike shop inspired me. He reminded me only one woman participated last year, so why shouldn't I try?

Of course, the feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and general disbelief in myself and my current abilities came forth.

I'm an alright rider, tho I do have issues with riding hard/fast. This is my first season riding in the snow on a regular basis. (And we can certainly say that riding in the snow is unpredictable.)
I started comparing myself to invisible people.

Already discounting myself and my riding abilities. Who would actually ride perfectly out there anyway?

The determination that resides in me decided: "What do I have to lose?" Thus, my decision to participate without any sort of goal in mind other than: Increase the number of female participants, do my best, and finish the race no matter what.

Thus begins my journey to overcome my natural nervousness and stop my typical self-doubt thought frames.

So....soon I shall be leaving to encounter my very first bike riding event. Single track that will be filled with challenge, climbs, and an opportunity for me to grow on many levels.
Maybe I'll even meet some new friends? Who knows?! All I know is that I will do the absolute best that I's all I can ask of myself.

I'll upload some photos later :)