Adventures of the First Lady- Progress!

Well, my body has finally recuperated from Saturday- but my legs are essentially what you would find on a spotted leopard. I guess you could say it's the start of my mountain bike season! Woo!

Antzy as all get out, I've been off my bike (except for commuting purposes) for about a week now. A minor physical snafu that will be better by next week.
So of course I have pent up "I want to ride" energy- next week I'll be altering my work schedule to ensure we have an extra body during the day as Sophie will be on Luther spring break.

Things at the shop have essentially blown up. The weather turned rather rapidly.
15 repairs were brought in on Monday. We've been getting in large amounts each day.
And they keep coming in.

I've been the partner of Travis for a couple years now, however I have not seen the process in person until this year. It's pretty amazing.

Also? Spring Sale week is coming upon us- yes, the 21st is the start of our sale. Repairs will be waiting and we'll be busy getting bikes put together that people are buying.

We're about a month out on repairs right now. It's fantastic that people want to do business with us, and we're so grateful! All I can say is, please be patient- we'll thank you for that.
(We are also willing to take down names/numbers/service packages for people and call them when they are next in line. This way you can have your bike up until we need it, but keep in mind- if we call you we would like to have it as soon as possible after we contact you. Otherwise you'll lose your place in line.)

The fall and winter months we are looking for things to do- and if you would like to be able to jump on your bike and be able to ride it right away without having to worry about waiting in line for a tune-up...get it tuned up in October-February. We might have something special in store for those who go this route- details will be closer to date.

I'm starting to develop more of a comfort level when working with customers. There are a couple that have come in that I've enjoyed talking with very much.
In the past couple days I have personally sold 2 bikes- one kiddo bike and a men's mountain bike (which was a fantastic closeout deal!) Both were easy to work with individuals and I surely hope that the bikes prove to be just the ticket for happy riders!

The main thing I can say, is if you are thinking about a new bike, please do not be afraid to go ride 'em! That is the BEST way to see what feels good for you! You can sit and ask questions all day about various bikes, but it's getting on them that will help make the decision for you. Pedal that bike, enjoy the ride!

Kai did great today and sold some bikes as well! Travis is pleased with the team we have right now. You could say I pick good eggs.

One minor work injury sustained from a pump that just wanted to stay on a valve stem. It was not an ideal angle for me to work with...oopsie. Otherwise, I would say it was a pretty successful weekend. I'll admit, it was a bit exhilarating (Saturday) and I do, at times, really thrive under those sorts of situations. It hearken back to my Co-Op days where I would turn "on" and just be rad at the checkout. You're personality is going and/or you are just completely busting out transaction after transaction. Oh no! I might actually enjoy the challenge of busy days? (We'll keep that between you and me.)
I sacrificed going to Ray's Women's Weekend this year...but I sure do plan to go next year with Kristin in tow. Yeah!

So....I've accepted the fact that for the next several months (between my future nighttime mountain bike rides and such) that Travis and I will be having a hip-hop dance club during the evening hours at the bike shop. I've discovered it's effective for me to get my groove on while polishing bikes up. (Minus the times where I just sporadically have to bust a move because it's just too much for me to handle. I'll bet you wish you could see that!)

Progress is good.