Women on Bikes Series: Hallie Evans

Many locals know Hallie and and Nate from the beautiful works they create at Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery. (Check them out on Facebook!)

Today you get to see another side of Hallie that involves cycling!

When did you first start riding a bike?
I first learned how to ride a bike when I was 6 or 7...but I started riding regularly for exercise my junior year of college, after I met (my husband, now) Nate, who loved biking.

What motivated you to ride as much as you have over the years?
I have always loved to be active, and turned to silent sports once my years of volleyball, basketball and softball in school were over. I especially love biking and running.

Having a partner that feels the same way helps tremendously in being sure to ride or run a lot. And, I just need to exercise to keep sane, especially now with two kids.  :)

Have you competed in events? If so, what were your reasons for competing?
I have only done 2 mountain bike races. I really like competing, but a move/jobs after the 2 races I did kind of stopped the racing. I did the Cactus Cup ( I can't remember exactly where that one was-Galena maybe?-it was a long time ago!) and loved that one.

What kind of riding is your favorite?
When I started riding in college, trails were my favorite by far. I mainly did that, with a few road and gravel rides thrown in, but now haven't ridden on trails for years, and only ride on the roads, paved, mainly.

Do you remember how you felt on your first mountain bike ride? (If not a mountain biker, how about first commuter ride, paved trail ride, gravel, etc.)
I was terrified on my first mtn. bike ride--of crashing, and not being able to get out of my clipless pedals when I first got them.

If you had nervousness at all, what do you do or think to overcome it?
The only thing to do with nerves is keep riding and practicing the parts that were hard. Of course, riding with a bunch of guys that could do every technical section of every trail didn't help the nerves at first!

Do you use clipless pedals? If yes, what are some tips/suggestions for beginners that you would share? If no, are you thinking of trying it out at all?
Clipless pedals are the ONLY way to go! Really, they're way easier to get out of than the straps of the toe clips. And you're never messing around with getting them adjusted, etc. Just practice getting in and out of them on a ride around the block. Love them!

If you are a commuter what are some of the challenges you face and how do you overcome them?
Not a commuter...I work at home, but live 25 miles from anywhere I go anyway.

Have you had a bike biff? If so, how did you recover on a physical/mental/emotional level?
I must have had hundreds of crashes (ranging from nasty denting (and needing a new one) the helmet, taking a long time to get up crashes, to little tips off the bike) when I rode on the trails in Decorah, and in NC when we lived there for 2 years. I remember sitting around with Jacky Budweg counting bruises on our legs. We must have each had 30-40 of them. That was when I was in my 20s, and my body could take it! After not crashing daily, and at 39, I would hate to think about how long it would take to recover! There were a few parts of the trails here and there that made me nervous and that always makes it worse, when you're wondering if you'll crash. Just keep getting up and trying it again and again worked for me.

What do you love about riding your bike?
I love the fitness, the sounds-I know it's silly- (clicking into the pedals, the click of the shifters), the feel of your legs burning as you climb big hills, and I love my bike! It's beautiful! I also love riding with Nate. We used to have a short but steep hill at the end of every ride that we'd sprint up and race each other, when we rode daily in NC. The anticipation of that little race was always great.

Tell us about your bike(s), what they are like and why did you choose them?
Road bike-Masi-steel front triangle with carbon rear triangle, all black, gray with a tiny bit of white and red. Bontrager race lite wheel set. It's so pretty!  :)

Mountain bike-super old school red steel Stump Jumper that Nate bought me when he worked at Decorah Bicycles in 1996. It was my first "real" bike, and with the exception of a Trek Y bike I rode for a couple years, the only mountain bike I've ever had. Most of the parts are upgraded by now. 

What clothing/bike accessories do you love? What would you recommend to your friends?
I don't use too many things. We used to always use Camelbaks, and really liked those, especially for longer rides. Now we just use water bottles. Gloves and padded spandex shorts are a must. I really like built in bra biking tanks.


  1. Lovely interview - nice to "meet" Hollie.
    And that Masi is stunning!


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