Guest Post: Nikita talks of The Little Big Ridestyle Event!

(Original post was published on Magnolia BMX)

The Little Big, a "Ridestyle event weekend for women" is coming up, and it's not an event to miss! 

Nestled in the woods of beautiful Truckee, California, lies the ever improving "Truckee Bike Park" which includes features for all ages and levels of riders.  On September 27th and 28th, the pro ladies of MTB will descend upon the park to coach new riders in a clinic, and host a competition the next day.  This event is for riders of all levels, from beginner, to pro! All proceeds go into the building of the bike park. 

 (Read the flyer below for more exact details on what will be happening).  

I happened to stumble upon this event flyer last year, and made my way to Truckee for the contest.  I had barely ridden dirt jumps, and never met anyone from the ladies MTB community.  

Nervous and shy, I slowly inched my way up to the top of the track, and was immediately welcomed by a crew of amazing ladies, who I am so glad to now know.  Some of the coaches included Kat Sweet, Cortney Knudson, Stephanie Nychka, Lisa Tharp, and Linsey Voreis.  Coming from the BMX side of things, I'd never been around more than one girl rider at a time, so this was such a cool experience having so many throughout the weekend.  The clinics are great, lots of laughs, meeting new people, and learning new things, and the competition is just as fun, and very relaxed (for those of you worried about your first contest).  Overall, it's really just a fun, all girls weekend, that you definitely don't want to miss!

I'm really excited to be attending again this year, and I hope that we can get more BMX girls out there too! If you can hit a dirt jump, or want to learn how to do so, come on out! 

More info as well can be found on their website: 
Photo Credit: Michael Vincent Pavel
I asked Nikita if she could elaborate on her experience with The Little Big-

The Little Big, to me, is the beginning of something so much more. I showed up not knowing anyone there, having barely ever ridden dirt, and not really knowing what to expect. From the second I arrived, I could tall these ladies really loved to ride, and really wanted to evolve the sport.  

I was pretty shy, so wasn’t too quick to start riding. Almost right away some of the girls came over, brought me up to the top, and led me in. The whole day was an amazing time. I’d never ridden with so many women before.  I’m don’t necessarily mind the fact that I usually only ride with guys, but, since riding with these amazing women, it’s really something I am grateful for.  

It’s not common to be able to share your passion with other girls. I believe this event is an amazing opportunity for all women, whether you are pro, just learning to ride, or have always wanted to try it. It’s a supportive, fun, and educational environment that will leave you with new skills, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime.