That Feeling-You Can Do It!

Written 8/31/14
Today was the day it finally “clicked” or perhaps it’s because the stars had aligned just right which allowed me to succeed in the North 40 climb that has thwarted me all but one time.
Every time I would exit IPT I would head to the entrance of North 40 and work my way to the hill that you come to when you ride the trail counter-clockwise. There is a turn, a big root, and a steep climb; this is a hill that even Travis does not achieve 100% of the time. Once you spin out, you’re done. You can go back down to start over or just walk your bike to the top.

I had a few days off from mountain biking due to rain, because I’m not to the point where I like fighting for traction and balance every few seconds. I’m not confident with riding when all of the roots and rocks are waiting to make your tire slip out-so I opted to ride on the paved trail.

Today looked to be a perfect morning to get out there on the dirt.

Yesterday was gorgeous in terms of temperature and there was a breeze. I felt confident that if the trails were a little wet, they would be very ride-able for me.

I did my usual route and started up North 40, the feeling was “Let’s see what I can do today” and I made it a good ways up the hill before I spun out (after the big root, on a ledge where a root used to be but has since been broken off.) “Not bad. I think I can make it today. I have a feeling.”

So I tried again, and again, and again. I think it was perhaps my 4th try or so and all of a sudden, I’m pedaling to the top! Holy cow! That was awesome! I whipped out my phone to send Travis a text regaling him of my accomplishment. However, once was not enough-it needed to happen again. So I walked my bike down, turned around, and rode up that hill! I was in shock, you could say, on how easily it came to me. I couldn’t decide if something had “clicked” or if I was just really lucky.

I continued on my ride, having a grand time, until I came to a point on Little Big Horn where I decided to forcibly dismount myself from my bike. I am not entirely sure what I did or did not do, all I know is that I hit my handlebar with my knee and I knocked myself off my bike. Oh great, another bruise.

Then onward and down Fred’s, rode over to Lower Randy’s and made my way to the top, meandered back down, and up Rocky Road. My flow was stopped to climb over a fallen tree, but that wasn’t a huge deal by any means. Back to the top, through the pines (of course after catching my breath) and I went down Gunnar to the clockwise entrance of North 40.

I had some issues with riding up North 40’s hairpin. Looking at it, the earth on this side was a bit wetter than on the other side. It was a fight for traction and balance, but eventually I overcame and got around the turn and up the hill. When I came down the hill I rode at the start of my ride, I figured I’d give it a shot and see if I could ride up it again. I did! First try! My legs were spent but I felt great about the accomplishment.

I rode home with a smile on my face and felt a bit giddy. Regardless of whether or not something clicked or if it was just luck-I still rode up that hill and that felt great and that’s why I love mountain biking.