Moms on Bikes Series: Abbie Durkee

As I talk to individuals willing to contribute to my blog series Women on Bikes, I am working to communicate with bike riding moms as well. I have a close friend who is expecting her first child and she had questions about integrating her baby into bike riding. I figured that she couldn't be the only one in the area that wondered how to start and where to begin. My hope is that I will be able to regularly post on future Mondays a Moms on Bikes post. So if you know any bike riding moms out there, feel free to send 'em my way!

For the first post I will share what Abbie suggested. Some of the posts will be answering specific questions that my friend had, others will have simple written suggestions/experiences. I hope that you enjoy this new segment of my blog and that it provides help and ideas for new/expecting moms!

Stay present in the moment with it and start early!
Your maternal instincts will kick and you can answer your questions with confidence as they come up. 

As for safety:  You trust putting your baby in a car seat and driving 60+ m/h with reckless
 drivers everywhere.  Reflect on these first initial precautions and trust yourself to make the best routing and awareness decisions. 

I road without a helmet a lot when I was pulling the trailer.  Not that I recommend doing that, but for me as Pro Level racer, I automatically put on an extra layer of awareness when I ride without helmet, ie: less risky maneuvering.  You'll find your comfort zone and stay in it until your confidence builds (before long the little one will be telling you "Go Faster Mom!" ;)   

As for "accidents", I was all about being a MTB mamma so I took him on singletrack trails early.  One of the first times (he was small but out of the carseat) I tipped it over (by hitting a root) and drug it on it's side for a few feet.  I was so worried about him, I dropped my bike, ran back straightened it up and tore it open, he was laughing as if it was the most fun he had ever had!  So don't beat yourself up too much (also that is one of the reasons that I swear by the Chariot Trailer, So Safe as the baby is suspended like a hammock with a roll cage.  

As for riding pregnant: fitting on the bike after awhile!  Then it was definitely climbing as my heart rate would just spike.  I road to 8.5 months but I tell women to let it all go for at least that last month as natural childbirth is really hard when your muscles are super toned.