Feeling humble and excited

Sometimes opportunities arise when you are focusing on something completely different. I can say that this has happened to me before and it's happening again right now. On my mission to find female bike riders to interview-I was actually asked to share one of my stories!

I'm humble with my writing, regardless of being told if I write well or not; always a little uncertain if it's actually entertaining enough to read. I actually had two friends read my writing first before I emailed it to Melissa. I was not about to submit something that was, in other words, crap. Sometimes I'm not sure how it all sounds because I write like I talk, and for all practical purposes that kinda rambles on at times or doesn't make sense. However, I usually always feel like writing gives me more time to get stuff out in an eloquent fashion vs. talking and flubbing up.

I feel very excited for that the future potentially holds for me and my possible writing possibilities. I'm also excited over the thought of the various connections I will potentially make! All based around the love of bikes and bike riding. That alone is pretty amazing, and I would not have said that this would be happening last year, let alone two years ago.

I have several draft posts waiting on the sidelines, as I'm still holding onto the idea of posting one story per week. It makes me feel humble and excited as I get to add more to the pile of inspiration just waiting to be shared with everyone!

I don't know where this will all go or what all will come of this little adventure I started, however, I'm very excited over the possibilities and potential that this blog will create.

If you'd like to read my Bike Love story: http://www.pedallove.org/bike-love/