Revamping and Updating

This blog post comes to you with some feelings of "what did I just do?" and "am I ready for this?" along with a dose of feeling like my name is becoming "so far out there."

You will notice some re-branding and changing of the name of my blog. This is something that was prompted by a simple and beautiful question "have you thought about purchasing a domain?" Well, the answer to that was simple. Originally, no. Why? Because I thought it was a little silly to actually purchase something for my non-profit blog.
I don't even have a business card for my blog! (Which I've contemplated.)

A wonderful friend who has some amazing editing skills created a glorious logo for the FWD Movement, and I had asked her about making a banner for my blog. That is originally where the question came forth and it brought about some pondering. "Life on Two Wheels" is the general concept of the blog- but it's one that's been commonly utilized for other blogs. I've worked really hard to get my link and so-called "brand" out there, but unless you are a .com...there really isn't any "legit" ownership.

FWD on Facebook

I could've totally purchased for over $3,000 plus a yearly fee, and that simply is not going to happen.

Josiebikelife has been utilized many locations thus far, and published in Inspired magazine as well. No sense in changing anything a whole lot- if I would change the current link, basically all pre-linked interviews would get lost.

So, Josie's Bike Life was born. Now I'm going through the process of changing my name in so many's pretty crazy. Buying a domain is like getting divorced in a way. Making my blog more of a representation of me- not necessarily more focused, but branded.

Life on Two Wheels still exists in the title, because it IS about Life on Two Wheels. Yours and mine.

I was able to get a .com for less than I spend on my unused Barnes and Nobel membership. If that's the price I pay for a little more simplicity instead of typing all the time-why not? Do I have anything to lose? Not really.

I have no idea if Facebook will okay the page name- it's not a business. It's not really something that I have bills associated with.

This should be the last time that I have to go through something like this, well at least I can hope!

I'm really excited for the opportunity and potential growth that this blog has. When I created it I had no clue how it would expand- how I could grow along with it. It's quite an adventure. For next year, I do hope to continue finding rad women (and guys!) to interview, but I have no idea how frequently I can make that happen. I would expect to still be giving First Lady and Race Day updates- but beyond that...I can't say! All I know is that I'm thrilled over the inspirational stories and adventures this blog has brought to light and I hope to continue for years to come.

Thanks to those who contribute and enjoy this blog for what it is; real life lessons, inspiration, and adventures!

I also want to note for those who have submitted interviews to me over the past several months. Rest assured yours WILL BE POSTED unless I'm waiting on either a. information from you pertaining to your post, b. unanswered questions, or c. no photos submitted.
Prior to starting my job at Decorah Bicycles I did a lot of pre-scheduling of interviews due to worries that my work schedule would not allow me much time to work on that part of my blog. I have interviews booked through August (some segments through November). I schedule interviews on a first-come-first-response

I cannot rely on deadlines to be met, if I did, I would be shorted regularly. This is another reason I pre-schedule as many as possible. My goal is to have one more solid year of regularly scheduled interviews- lofty goal but one I feel is attainable!

I'm more than happy to work with people on deadlines that work for THEM, letting me know where you stand on your email interview helps me a lot! I usually give around a month to have responses sent to me, after that I will contact you. I respect/acknowledge personal life getting intense, so if I send you a check-in, please don't be offended- just let me know what's up and when I might get a response.
If it's been weeks after the date you send, I will check in again unless I get a response indicating you are no longer interested.

Feel free to pass on individuals who you feel would be a great fit! You can send me an email at: