Adventures of the First Lady: A Quiet Week

I should state, it was fairly quiet due to weather. One word. Rain.
Rain, wind, and chilly temps make for not many people coming in to rent bikes, test ride, or really be outdoors whatsoever. The week ultimately allowed me to do some updates to our website- which the geekery person in me is thrilled over.
Tho I will admit, had we had bicycles delivered to assemble, I would've gladly taken some time to work on that.

So, several new things on the website:
A contact page
Sign up for the FWD Movement rides
Trail maps
Application request

Like I said...the geekery person that resides within is tickled over the updates. Tho website work does not always come easily to me.
Understanding how to make forms was a bit of a headache. Then I always think "Oh, gee. I could make this EVEN better!" Then I'm spending even more time on something because I thought of ways to tweak it.

Eventually the week dried up and I went out for an hour mountain bike ride on Friday after work. Strictly for work purposes, as we were asked a couple times how trail conditions were. Friday ended up being windy enough, and apparently the rain was not too much- yeeeeah! It's go time!

Saturday morning and evening were dedicated to mountain biking. I have, oh...a very short amount of time in which to feel like I'm even remotely close to "Time Trial" readiness. Let's be honest, no. I'll do my best. My nerves are feeling like they are running high- but I'll do my best and have as good of  a time as possible! (I mean, come and burgers? I can't deny that isn't a damn good reason to do an event.)

Saturday overall became a pretty awesome day minus my own personal frustrations. We met with a potential team member. Nice fellow, and I think it would be a good fit. Someone who enjoys riding, would like to explore our mountain bike trails, and is an advocate for fitness.

Met a fellow who works at another bike shop in Iowa that was here at Luther for a play. He was neat, and it was quite enjoyable to "talk shop" for a bit! You know, the whole Trek U and what bikes we were coveting for the Ninja order.

Later in the day our friends Lucas and Kristin both made appearances. For a short while we didn't have customers and Travis, Kai, Kristin, Lucas, and myself had a good ol' time just talking and being weird! (I don't know how else to say it.) but it really made me feel at home. Yes. This is a good place to be.

In other news, I made a recent connection with Casey who is working on a project called Case Of The Nomads. Super neat! She will be visiting Decorah and our bike shop sometime in September. I was brave enough to say "I'll take you mountain biking!" and I sure hope that I can deliver a good ride. You'd think so. Ha! I'll be doing an email interview with Casey- I just need to work on questions. Awesome!

So, that's shop life in a nutshell for this week. Mark your calendars for April 25th. Time will be CLOSED...and it's my mom's birthday!

I also put out a hefty update for those who are interested or perhaps not on our mailing list.
April Updates from Decorah Bicycles
A sneak peek at the new Trek Farleys coming out! 10%  off for those who choose to pre-order a 2016 product. Wee!