Adventures of the First Lady: Always Learnin'

I will say, I'm thoroughly excited to be sitting on the couch waiting for pizza to be done. The week has been pretty good, here and there during the week bikes have found new homes. It's a complete adjustment for me being used to chronic "busy-ness" at the Co-Op to find at times, downtime throughout the week. I won't complain, as usual, it gives me time to work on website stuff, social media posts, etc.

We are still on the lookout for another helper for the summer months. We had a potential candidate who was able to get a full-time job elsewhere. Sophie will be leaving right after graduation for an adventure in China (??) We will miss her, that's for sure!

7.2 purple FX bikes still take the home run with popular bikes.

We have an awesome, new Saris display for our car racks- you should stop in and check it out!

Saturday was manageable but steadily busy. Lots of people traffic, some bikes sold, padded shorts/jerseys, etc. It was good! We managed without Kai, Sophie spent the day with us. Everyday is a learning experience. I got to install my first handlebar mirror and now understand the mechanics about it a bit more. (Woo!)

There is still so much to learn. I fully realize that it will literally be a year or so before I "get" the pos system along with understanding all the secret ways of looking up products, etc.

Last Sunday we had our first FWD off-road ride. The FWD Movement= Fearless Women of Dirt
Originally, FWD wasn't necessarily going to have a designated "group" ride, however, there were enough women interested in getting together after I got off work on Sunday that Travis and I deduced that a group ride wasn't a bad route to go. We will allow me to go on pre-scheduled rides during the week if those who are off-road curious would like personalized/solo rides. (Bring a friend or two!)

Join up most Sundays for a FWD ride starting at 5 p.m., weather permitting. We're unsure of the rain holding out or not this Sunday (19th.)

The first Sunday of every month (unless it gets rained out, then it will be re-scheduled until the ride happens) join us for a Co-Ed/Co-Led ride with FWD and Decorah Bicycles! The ride will be whatever Travis and Josie decide, the group of men go first followed by women. It's a casual pace, no-drop ride- no hammerfesting!

We'll meet up at a destination point and go for beverages/snacks somewhere after all riders meet up. This will be a fun way to get together with a group of people who simply love riding!

Riding off-road is a great way to challenge yourself with an activity that really works your WHOLE body! It challenges you mentally and can be so completely inspiring for you AND others!

We are also sending out reminders that we will be closed April 25th for the 25th Annual Decorah Time Trials.