Adventures Of The First Lady: Ups and Downs

There is a lot that goes into learning a new job, especially when that new job has a plethora of different areas in which one wants to become adept in. I'll admit, I'm not great at stretching myself out with learning several different areas at the same time. It takes a toll on me. I'm kind of a "Josie of All Trades but Master of None."

However, I'm taking it all in stride. There are definitely days better than others.

Also, the challenge of being naturally introverted. I am still anxious/nervous about the concept of trying to talk to customers about bikes. There is an assortment of vocabulary and knowledge that I have yet to fully memorize.

It's difficult for me to feel confident enough to go up to a person who is looking and greet them, because I'm nervous of not having the answer. It makes me wonder how the Spring Sale will go. I'm slowly trying to gain more knowledge. If I can, sometimes shadow Travis in a non-creeper way to go over the sizing process. However, when you are trying to gain knowledge on a weekend of a kids' ski race- you aren't going to stay shadowing very long.

I'm now pretty darn adept at getting people set up with skis. The one thing that drew me into a panic of uncertainty, I'm now finding myself naturally reaching for a correct size first try, more often than not. It's just getting down in your head what you view for heights and making your best guess. Obviously I won't reach for a 205 for someone my height.

I've had my first work-related injury. A cut on my finger in a spot that bled like no tomorrow. We're not entirely sure what caused it, but I think part of it was just the angle-I mean, I cut myself RIGHT next to my fingernail. A terrible spot. The healing process is going alright, I can't complain. I guess it's a good thing I got that tetanus shot, eh?

We're getting more applicants, which is a good thing. I apparently am not very strong with accepting the natural "ebb and flow" of people looking for employment at a bike shop.

Monday gave me opportunity to work one-on-one with my first potential bike-buying customer. I can't tell you how nervous I was, however, it was (I believe) an overall positive interaction. I could totally see my former self with this customer, and the excitement on the potential to ride a new bike was just brimming over! I'm very excited for this person and the world that a bicycle will open up for her.

Soon on the website you will find our updated service menu along with a section dedicated to all of our rentals! That will be a project, but one I'm excited to get started with. I must admit, it's easy for me to get sucked into web work and make myself not do it during my "day off." Monday I had spent a good amount of time on our website creating future Homepage Highlights. Tuesday lead me to a long-awaited bike ride out on the trails. Then I spent about an hour in the tub reading sections of Leading Out Retail by Donny Perry.

So, for an early week recap- I'd say it's been pretty darn good!

And now-I'm official. I got a card!


  1. Good going, Josie! :o) Hope the cut heals quickly, too. Freak cuts seems weird like that, tho I think you've run out of quota now and will have a cut-free rest of the year. ;o)

    1. Thanks! The cut has healed up alright. It's nice to not have it be so sensitive when I type or do whatever! Klutziness is simply just something I'll have to deal with. :)


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