Adventures of the First Lady: Finding a Niche Pt. 3

"Well, I'm going to try and leave you alone for a little bit." Travis said. A trip to ACE was needed to accomplish a few projects for the day. One of which was the front door. I sighed. I'm getting less nervous when it comes to manning the shop solo for a bit. Honesty is the best way to proceed when it comes to people coming in or calling with topics I can't help with. "May I take a message?" "Travis is running errands, he'll be back soon." "I'll try my best!"

Overall, the time alone was fine. I worked on dusting items in the store, a task that isn't loved by many but sorely needed. First person to walk in was Barrett. My nerves went down as I knew it wouldn't be a challenging interaction. 

Next was a phone call, to which I took a message.

Then a fellow came in. I could tell by his voice he had to be a radio personality. He jokingly asked if the boys had gone out to lunch and "left me in charge." He waited around for a few moments, asked me a question about a cellphone holder to which I bumbly gave what information I could, and he left his card and went on his way.

Travis was back not long after that. Soon I heard a voice asking Travis "Where is your Shop Manager?" I got all squeal-y. Kristin had shown up along with treats! First time since leaving the Co-Op that I consumed at least a half-bar of chocolate.

Most of this day, Travis worked on the front door. I was tasked with changing prices of items on the website and in our system. Along with making sure that certain sites we order from- that the price tags they put on for us reflect the correct price. I enjoy when I can be nerdy, I guess. I found items on our site that were still active (but from last year) so I inactivated those. I added a few items that weren't showing up that we did have.

Then I started working on transferring a blog post over to our website and re-vamped a page that needed some visual help. (One of many)

I have since figured out how to create sub-navigation on the website. (Oh! The possibilities!)

Work has started to get our newsletter sign-up situated. Originally I set it up on the actual website but found to my disappointment emails from probably 10 years ago. Junk emails as well, with no way to delete them. DRAT.

So there is a new sign-up for our future monthly newsletter that you can find (Here)
With Facebook becoming a non-reliable outlet for getting things out there for "like" pages, we will make sure that those who are signed up will know ahead of time future rides, special events, specials, close-outs, and anything else that is going on in store for the month!
We do have some exciting things in the works, like a future fundraiser that will help support the local DHPT group! (Decorah Human Powered Trails) it will also be a benefit for you as well. You donate a sum of money and get a chance to be entered into a raffle for 3 great prizes! It will be worth keeping your eyes peeled for this. Non-bikers in the community should consider donating- DHTP does a lot for our fantastic mountain bike trails and they deserve our support!

Anyways....also keep an eye out for something fun coming up during the KDEC Home, Garden, and Sport show! If you ride a bike with us- you'll earn something really awesome!