Adventures of the First Lady- Keep on Keepn' on

Found this while unpacking a bike!
Coming to the close of a pretty darn good week. You can tell that the seasons are changing as more people are coming in to look at bikes. I'm trying to weedle my way in here and there so I can listen to some of what Travis has to say. All I can do is hope for the best.

Working my way to "Ninja" status on Trek U. I have oh, say 400+ points left to get. Then I'm there. Boom.

It's been strange. Fulfilling, but strange the past few days. I'm doing a lot more web work now because I'm sure I'll find myself scrambling here and there once the warm weather hits. I have our rental page set up- prices still need to be put up for road bike rentals...but the important thing is all our bikes, trailer, trail-a-bike, tandem, and winter rentals are up. That's pretty cool.

We have an email sign-up box at the shop, it's not really "out in the open" yet, but I made some nice email slips for it. Much more professional looking than using scrap paper.

For the future fundraiser/contest for DHPT I made some sign up slips that I'm mighty proud of.

Also, something else- A little paper that we can give people looking to buy a bike for the first time. This will be especially nice during the Spring Sale. I will have essential accessories that we feel are important for people to invest in. Most times people only budget for the bike or find out that they should've gotten this or that. We can now give them a paper that they can use to either check off their "list" or for sure have for future purchases. Even if they choose not to purchase the items- they were at least informed.

Office/Media/Website stuff is fulfilling to me, but it's strange that I'm doing work that doesn't physically stress me out. I feel like if I'm not hurting I'm not "doing" anything.

A friend of mine stopped in to rent some snowshoes. I'm realizing that I do miss the Co-Op a bit because I'm not seeing my friends regularly like I used to. It's really a treat to see people and have conversation. I guess I miss it more now because I'm not continually talking or interacting with people for 5+ hours. The job of a cashier and store manager are completely different at this point.

I like it.