Outdoor Research Aria Hoody Jacket: A Product Review

For fatbiking this year I'm trying out the Aria Hoody jacket from Outdoor Research and I have to say, it's amazingly warm for being so light.
(Stay tuned for a review of the Clairvoyant Jacket from Outdoor Research!)

This jacket has 650-Fill down insulation that has a high warmth-to weight ratio. It’s breathable and can bounce back from repeated compressions.
The coat boasts an ultralight shell construction that has 20D polyester ripstop for durability and weight savings.

You will find an adjustable hood, internal front zip storm flap, a drawcord hem to help seal out cold drafts and elastic cuffs help keep coverage around your wrists/gloves.
The awesome thing about this jacket is that it is very compactable. You have a pouch that comes with the jacket-it does stuff into it! It’s not going to be pocket-sized by any means, but can be a huge space saver if you’re using a small bag or camelbak.

The jacket features many pockets, some with zipper and on the inside, simple pockets to slide objects in and one zippered pocket.

I’ve tried this jacket out on a few rides, and I have to say, I was very impressed.
One morning I went out for a ride and the temperature was near the mid-20’s and I had actually overdressed! I had a base layer and thermal jersey on under the coat, would you believe I had to take the thermal jersey off? I was almost in disbelief! I was able to finish my ride feeling pretty darn comfortable.

The next day the temps were a couple degrees cooler but I decided it would be worth trying out the jacket to its fullest potential. I wore a Craft Warm base layer and the jacket, no mid-layer or additional jersey underneath.

This jacket (to me) has wonderful windproofing, I have not had issues with cold winds getting in and freezing me up. The ride to the trails and home are generally where I encounter blustery winds and the jacket kept me cozy!

Once I was on the trails moving around, I was beyond comfortable and pulled the zipper down a little to help regulate my temperature. With a base layer in 20 degree weather, I was finding myself enjoying my ride and not feeling uncomfortably chilly. I actually was happy to be outside and enjoying an activity I love.

The jacket is water resistant and breathable; you won’t be swimming in a pool of your sweat. The dry time for the jacket I feel is quick, on the day I went out for 2 rides I didn’t feel like I was putting on a wet sock. (Had about a 2 hour off-time.)

With the right gear, you can beat the cold and find enjoyment in your outdoor activities in any temperature! Don’t let the cold weather months drag you down! And if you want to recreate in the 20’s with minimal layering, this jacket and a good-quality base layer will do just that!

Easily packable, exceptionally warm, and not at all bulky- a fantastic product that will keep you feeling great outdoors when the temperatures drop. 

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