Craft Active and Warm base layers: A Product Review

Out of the many base layers Travis has, he loves his Craft one the most. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about how comfortable and warm it is. It's his go-to during the cold season; it would make sense that Travis would want me to try them as well! (Decorah Bicycles can order these base layers for you!)
So for me to try: Craft Active crewneck and Craft Warm crewneck.

The Active crewneck is made to help keep your body dry and comfortable while training in fair to cold conditions. The Active crewneck is light enough but warm enough for me to layer under a t-shirt so I can have a bit of extra warmth. This would also be ideal for the cooler fall days under a jersey or thermal jersey (before the temps really drop.)

It is made with a mixture of texturized and spun yarn to ensure efficient moisture transport and quick drying. It’s soft, not scratchy-it feels great against your skin.
I love that the cuffs are longer and fit tighter around my wrists, an area that tends to get cold quite a bit or I find myself pulling the sleeves of traditional long-sleeved shirts down. No worries of traveling sleeves with this product!
It has a tight but flattering fit thanks to the side panels, and even tho it has a next-to-skin fit, it is very comfortable.

The Warm crewneck is made to keep your body dry and comfortable during training and activities in the cold. Long story short- when it’s really cold you want this base layer.
3D-knit and a sport-specific fit makes this base layer very comfortable. It’s light weight and made with warming thermal yarn for optimal thermoregulation. The bodymapped design keeps you warm and dry and there is extra insulation where you need more warmth.
It has a seamless torso and an elastic feel to give you freedom to move as you need.
I wore the Warm crewneck under my Aria Hoodie jacket on a 23 degree day and felt very comfortable with what I was wearing, at one point almost felt overly warm, so I unzipped my jacket a little. I thought it amazing to be outside riding my bike with just a base layer and jacket!

This wouldn't be a base layer that you could wear alone like the Active one or say, the standard Smartwool base layers. The Warm base layer fit very snugly, you could definitely see the outline of my sports bra.

It should be known, I’m a sucker for base layers-especially during the cold winter months. I had three and found myself needing a couple more. So a big thanks to Travis at Decorah Bicycles for supplying me with two new products to try!

Craft is a brand that has provided athletes with functional sports clothing since the 1970’s and they pride themselves on their wide range of ergonomic and functional sportswear.