Lazer Dissent Winter Helmet: A Product Review

I was introduced to my first Lazer winter helmet about 2 years ago. This year I was able to try out one of the new Lazer Dissent helmets courtesy of Travis at Decorah Bicycles.

The Lazer Dissent helmet has the Rollsys retention system for a quick and easy fitting. You can feel the roller at the top of your helmet and easily move it you’re your fingers, regardless of how thick your gloves may be. You can tighten it or ease up on the tension based on personal preference or layers underneath, ensuring a snug fit that keeps the helmet in place on your head.

Another nice feature is the Magic magnetic  buckle closure that eliminates that awkward fumbling around when you want to get out and ride. Simply bring the two halves of the magnetic clip together and “bam!” it’s done! Simplicity at its finest.

The vents are also easy to use as well. The vents have the IN/OUT design that assures proper airflow; shut the vents when it’s cold outside and open them up when it’s hot. 

Depending if you are wearing other headgear under your helmet you may find yourself opening the vents to let yourself cool down a little while you’re out recreating. I found this to be handy when I had a thicker balaclava on; I was able to control my temperature nicely. No one likes to have an overly warm head, and I was shocked to find there was such a thing.

The Lazer helmets have In-Mold construction that creates a lightweight helmet (under one pound) with excellent noggin protection. They also come with removable earpads so you do not have to put the helmet away- rather wear it for multiple seasons if you wish. The visor is also removable! 
The inside is nice and warm, their fabric choice is excellent!

Overall this helmet has proven to be very comfortable and keeps my head warm in a variety of temperatures. On the warmer days in winter I’ve gone out with just the helmet on- no balaclava, skull cap, or headband. I’ve worn the helmet with either a balaclava or skull cap on days when it’s been chillier.

Depending on the size of helmet you have and how it fits when you adjust the Rollsys dial, you may find thicker balaclavas make it hard for the helmet to fit comfortably. I’ve found that I end up having too much of an added layer on top of my head; later creating too much pressure around my ears/base of skull with the helmet on. A thinner balaclava helps with this issue as a larger helmet wouldn’t be the better option for me.

The only other personal issue I have with the helmet is that after wearing it for several hours, especially if I have on another layer underneath, the earpads end up putting enough pressure on my ears to cause discomfort.

Like I said, I have to wear the helmet for a couple hours, likely have sunglasses or a balaclava on (creating even more pressure). I have somewhat sensitive ears, so be aware if you have the same issue. It’s not something that deters me from having an awesome winter helmet!

If you are into using a GoPro, the helmet is compatible with that system. Sweet! On the rear of the helmet you could hook a taillight on or use the hook to keep your goggle strap in place.

I’ve found the Lazer Dissent to be an excellent helmet choice for me this season. A winter helmet allows for extra protection against the elements-say snow and sleet, and you have excellent ear coverage (something that I feel is almost never good enough with standard helmet/headband/skull cap combos.)

No longer can you say cold weather is an excuse to not spend time on a bike!
Decorah Bicycles has a great selection of winter helmets available to keep your head toasty, so stop in and check 'em out!