Bits and Pieces-A Blog Update

Thank you so much to my friends and readers who have been so supportive in sharing my blog interviews as well as the recent Bike League article! I am always unsure about if my voice will be heard, I suppose that is why I started off with doing interviews-I wanted to encourage and be a sounding board for others and help their voices be heard.

Along with this blog I had been writing posts relating to my mountain bike rides on Imagine Northeast Iowa and have (apparently?) gained a following of individuals who appreciate and enjoy my candid and honest writing style. I suppose reading the bike riding adventures of a former Iowa farm girl may be pretty amusing. Especially when I do not leave out any embarrassing moments-I consider those my lessons. Plus, I need others to see that even tho I may ride a lot I am far from a professional or expert. I'm not a natural. I struggle, and I'm not afraid to share those things with you. (For the list of posts I've written on Imagine Northeast Iowa, click here)

Just yesterday there was a gentleman who had come to Decorah Bicycles to rent a bike and do some riding. He, apparently, was a follower of a blogger who lived in Decorah and wrote about biking (a lot!) and he very much enjoyed reading the posts. I was fortunate enough to have a chance encounter with this man from Kansas City, for he had come to the Co-Op while I was working last night.

I gave him a link to this blog and I sure hope he finds it, and hopefully, the other articles I will be writing for this site will be just as enjoyable.

So, the update.

Being that Imagine Northeast Iowa is currently on hiatus, I will be incorporating more posts of my own writing on this blog. The set-up will still be pretty similar in terms of when I post blog posts, but I will be including (without further adieu) more of my own words.
I will be writing about my mountain or paved riding adventures as well as any other rides I may go on, and topics that are of a more personal and thoughtful nature (relating to biking). There will also be periodic product reviews if I find myself head-over-heels in love with something.

The blog will slowly start becoming more encompassing of my own writing along with interviews.
I really enjoyed writing for Imagine Northeast Iowa (and still plan to submit a post to them here and there-which I'll do my best to link to for your reading enjoyment) but I feel I should stop being so sheepish of my writing and bring it back to "home base". 
I hope this will be a positive change and something that you will enjoy.

Thank you for reading and supporting! Get out there and enjoy the ride!