Specialized Andorra Pro and Comp Short Review

Travis brought me a pair of Specialized Andorra Pro shorts to try as I've currently been wearing the Andorra Comp short(s). I have a pair of teal and a pair of black-they are comfortable and their fit can be adjusted somewhat by the velcro strips. However, there is a reason my new shorts are called “Pro” and they have some options that are not available on the Comp shorts. Both shorts are great for mountain biking in terms of comfort and functionality.

I read some reviews on the Comp shorts, not having worn any other mtb shorts yet and discovered that people were unhappy or displeased over the fact they did not come with a removable chamois. You can purchase a chamois liner short or what I’ve done is simply wear a pair of padded shorts. I’ve not had an issue with my padded short option, but I have discovered today that a simple liner with a chamois is really nice. It’s more breathable and light so in terms of feeling layered, it’s a lot less obvious.

The Andorra Pro shorts come with a zipper and 2 snap button closure where the Comp shorts are closed with two snaps and velcro. The Pro shorts also have two zippered vents that you can open (on the legs) as well as a zipper in the back of the short (above your butt) where you could pocket a GU pack or cash. The removable liner can be snapped in which makes it really simple to remove and use with other shorts. The pockets on the Pro shorts are zippered so you have a lot more confidence in knowing that anything you put in your shorts will undoubtedly stay there! (I’m a fan of zippers, if you can’t tell-my pockets on the Comp shorts go un-used due to this.)

One option that the Comp shorts have is side pockets on the legs which have a flap you can velcro shut. I’d opt to use those side pockets to hold items like GU or other snacks vs. a phone or money. (I like security and velcro just doesn’t seem secure enough for more important items.)

The fabric of the baggy short is very durable (so it seems) and washes well. I’m a beginner in terms of mountain biking and obviously take falls here and there. It’s fun to have an option of wearing a short color other than black. I had gotten dirt and grass stain on my teal shorts and it washed out easily. The darker purple is a fun color that can easily camouflage any dirt mishaps.

My biggest shout out to how forgiving the shorts are can be found in this article: Rites of Passage
The teal shorts I wore the worst day I could probably ever wear them, I questioned whether or not I could get the potential stain out. I used free and clear laundry soap and cold water-it completely came out almost instantly!

Granted, next time I start my period I hope to be more prepared next time (and not wear a light colored short) but if you have an accident-you should be able to hide all traces with a good wash. Fantastic!

Both of the shorts from Specialized can be ordered at Decorah Bicycles. The Pro short is around $135.00, but take into consideration you are getting added security with zippers vs. only velcro. You also have a removable chamois liner that you can use with other baggy mtb shorts, so you’re getting two pieces for the price of one. The Comp short will retail around $90.00 and is a great product choice as well, tho it does not come with a chamois liner, so you will want to wear padded shorts under for comfort.