The Bikes

The First Lady of Decorah Bicycles does happen to own several beauties (and one grumpy old man bike.)

Each bike I have ridden has been a very special experience! If bikes could talk, I'm sure they would have plenty to say about my riding.

I am also that person who gives her bikes names to give extra personality to already beautiful creations. (Built by Travis, of course..minus the Fuji.)

You can check out Decorah Bicycles on Facebook to see some of Travis' other custom bike creations.

Meet Sir Richard the Ironhearted, the bike who started it all. He's a homely bike that is very heavy but opened up my eyes to the world of bike riding. He was my trusty steed to get me to work and home as well as the first bike I road on the Trout Run Trail.

I have a lot of bikes and some are ridden far more than others...

I divided them up into a couple groups: read about my commuter bikes that I use for everyday riding/winter riding or read about the bikes that are currently kept for either a. sentimental value or b. cross-training purposes.

The bikes that I use the most often for off-road riding will be listed on below- this will include new additions to the fleet!

I am 100% extremely lucky to have a partner who values my experiences and provides me tools for which I can learn what bike works best for me and brings out my shredding potential. Travis is a great sponsor who I am fortunate to have as a riding partner and husband, too!

Women's S-Works Epic
This is Stephen McNasty, a 2018 Specialized Women's S-Works Epic. I'm super stoked to have this bike in the fleet. He has proven to be a trusty steed for the races I've gone to and is fun for overall general riding. First Review & Second Review.

Farley 9.8
Meet Davey Jones, he's a 2018 Trek Farley 9.8 with 27.5" wheels and a lot of attitude. 
He was a blast to ride last winter and this is his current review.

S-Works Epic Hardtail
This is my 2018 Specialized S-Works Epic HT, Maui. This bike is absolutely amazing in ride quality and feel. I can honestly say Maui has made me fall in love with hardtails again. This bike has seen gravel/pavement and singletrack miles. Read the review here.

Project One Procaliber 9.8
Travis jokes that I shouldn't be allowed to go to trade shows anymore because every time we go it seems I come out with a +1. Meet Watson, named after the female character on Elementary and is a Project One Procaliber 9.8. I find the 650b wheel size fun and playful, the geometry of the bike is fabulous, and the Isospeed decoupler is helpful for long saddle time. I'm really enjoying having this bike in my quiver.

Specialized Fatboy Bluto
My first fatbike reborn! A customized Specialized Fatboy. Custom painted with Outrageous Tobago Bay blue paint (a flip pearl that transitions from light teal to light blue.) She recently underwent a makeover and is now named Glimmer! This will be the go-to fatbike for the late fall/winter/early spring months when trails aren't snowy but the extra tire width is more confidence inspiring.

Oil Slick S-Works Epic
This bike is my Specialized S-Works Epic Evo named Shreddy Ruger! The frame was something I focused on a lot during 2018, with hopes of it being a "reward" for all of the crap I had to go through with Estate business. I do plan to write up a review on this bike with all of the part-spec goodies at a future date.
Meet Frankie G. The Glitter Queen, my custom built Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper! It's built up to be 27.5+ but can run 29" wheels if I wanted. This was a bike I wasn't anticipating wanting or needing, but I'm sure glad I have one now. It's been fun to ride on our local trails, but the best part will be taking it on out-of-town adventures! A writeup will come soon.