Here I have listed the bikes that are currently still in the stable but aren't heavily utilized for one reason or another. As a rider my preferences have grown/changed, so the bikes I ride most frequently change as well. I'm fortunate to not have to make snap decisions on selling off any bikes at this point- some do hold a large amount of sentimental value and have helped me become the rider I am today.

The Captn' is the second bike that I purchased but has since received many upgrades. I bought this bike about two months after the purchase of Sir Richard. He's pretty fast, I like his colors, and he's never let me down. The Captn' currently is on the stationary trainer to provide me spin time when weather isn't ideal for any other type of riding. 

Bruno is my custom built, custom painted Surly Krampus. He's a "first edition" back when they were only available in the sparkly green color.
This was my first mountain bike and he gave me some valuable lessons and experiences and it got my foot in the door to off-road riding. Since Bruno I discovered preferences, so as it stands this bike is kept for sentimental value vs. off-road shredding. He is the inspiration behind the 650B+ Salsa Beargrease. It will be a plus size tire option with better standover for me, because I will admit, 29+ was a lot of bike for me at a whopping 5'2"

This bike was "adopted" when I first started dating Travis. It's a Giant STP-which I haven't officially named yet. I am contemplating on calling it the Street Demon until I ride it more. This bike Travis had actually built for himself but it fits me perfectly. This is not the bike that I was riding when I had "The Biff" but is of similar style. This bike will be seeing daylight a bit more in 2017.

Bettie Page is a Specialized Ruby Elite Compact EQ- my first road bike and she is sexy. Named after a classically beautiful pin-up model...she's one of the few bikes I could say was definitely more of a "want" vs. a "need." Travis would say she is the bike that was built around a chain, because she was.

With repetitive motion injuries still plaguing me, I find that the body position for the road bike just isn't the most comfortable, which is another reason I've neglected to put miles on her.

When I first got this bike I had been planning on doing a century ride; ultimately, my passion for dirt overcame paved goals. I will be using this bike for cross-training tho, as I have some long-distance off-road ride goals for the '16 season.

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