Mountain Bike Gear at Disney? You Bet!

This year Travis and are doing something we've never done before, and that would be going on a (literal) summer vacation!

We might be going to the happiest place on earth, however, we will not be entering a land that is any cooler than Iowa in the summertime. Frankly, it'll likely be worse.

When we last went to Disney I found myself wearing tank tops and overshirts most of the time, paired with a skirt or my favorite Outdoor Research Ferossi shorts. I utilized my Outdoor Research sling bag a lot, and wore either Teva sandals or some running shoes.

Overall those items were fantastic, but this time I knew I would have to make some changes in order to stay comfortable as much as possible in the Florida heat as well as keeping my shoulders and neck happy.

#1. More tank tops and some of those will be from Shredly. I know wicking is important in hot weather, and I have a tendency of overheating fast, so I figured that "mountain bike" clothes would work great! I'll be trying out the Honeycomb tank in a couple different colors and am absolutely stoked over the mesh back on them. Plus, the fabric feels amazingly soft.

#2. More shorts! I'll be taking down a couple pairs of Shredly Multi-Sport shorts in addition to the Outdoor Research shorts for additional color. Not too heavy, wick away moisture, and won't look too wet if I go on a water ride!

#3. My Outdoor Research overshirt and the Shredly Explorer shirt. I know it will be hot, but I also know if we go into a restaurant for a sit-down meal I will likely be chilly. I'm always one that likes to travel prepared for some arm coverage, especially if we're out at night.

#4. I will (gasp) likely not be taking my sling bag because after wearing it for hours on end in the parks, my neck and right shoulder were super sore. HIP PACKS to the rescue! I'll be utilizing one from Silver Rider Stitch Works and one from Pinch Flat Designs (and possibly my favorite Dakine hip pack), depending on the day/what I need to carry/what we might be riding (lots of water rides or not.)

I figured this vacation would be a fun way of trying out some items that are for mountain biking (or outdoor-sport-advertised) and show that there are items out there that are truly able to multi-task from the sporting world to the casual vacation scene. Also, I feel my happiest when I'm in bike clothes, which works out well that I'll be taking some on the trip with me!

After the trip, I'll write a review of the gear options I took with me and let you know what worked well and what didn't. Stay tuned!