Flat Shoe Review: Specialized 2FO 1.0

In 2018 I wrote a review of 3 different brands of flat pedal shoes that I have utilized for mountain biking and daily wear.

After some deliberation, I decided that I should try out the Specialized 2FO 1.0 shoe again, especially since it had come out in a color combo that I loved and would be far more work-appropriate than the Dynamite Panther colorway of the pair I currently had.

While the 2FO 1.0 shoes are similar, I feel there has been a slight change in the sizing due to Specialized making that particular shoe model unisex. When I purchased the Dynamite Panther shoes, I ended up in a size 38.

The new 2FO 1.0 shoes I've purchased in the Black/Purple/Blue fade are a size 39. I originally ordered size 38 and found that they were smaller compared to the 38 I got last year. With the older shoes, I had a little space for my big toe to move and not feel mostly slammed- and I could see a slight difference with how large the 38 from last year as compared to the 38 from this year. So be aware that if you are banking on being the exact same size in the 2FO 1.0 shoe, you might find it slightly smaller.

When I got the size 39, it was an instant "Yes, this is the right size!" when it came to the fit and comfort level. I did keep the slightly too small-sized shoe for a riding shoe and opted to make the size 39 shoe my daily driver along with riding shoe.

The reason for going back in for a deeper look was due to the Dynamite Pather color being super fun, but not something I could see myself wearing at work on a regular basis due to the color. I was really curious to try another brand out as a daily shoe. How durable would it be? How would my feet feel after wearing it during a workday? Will regular riding eat at the sole quickly? I was super sold on my Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes until I saw that with minimal use/wear that the soles could get beaten up/worn very quickly. I felt that for the money spent, they wouldn't be the shoe to go to for multi-purpose use, and that's something I prefer as often as possible.

Since having the shoes, I've worn them regularly around 5 months (daily), utilizing the smaller pair for mountain biking and the larger pair for work. At this point, I would say their durability is great. Nothing looks beaten up from my pedal pins from my commute, nor do the heels show dramatic wear from lots of walking.

The Pros and Cons
The elastic loop to hold my laces is a huge plus! I get tired of jamming my shoelaces under themselves only to find they pop out later. The loop is so handy and gives a cleaner look.

The built-in "sock" is awesome. I wear socks all the time, but the soft material they use instead of a traditional shoe "tongue" is very nice, and it makes it super easy to slip the shoe on or off. I think that was one of the features about this shoe I didn't take advantage of to the fullest the first time around, but am totally loving it this time! I know that when it comes to traveling and flying- these will be the shoes I grab for that easy on/off.

The rubberized outer shell that covers the top of your foot looks "plastic" but I have found that it's been a great asset for my commutes, especially if it's raining. It won't help if I go through puddles since water can get through the fabric portion, but it can keep my feet drier in light rain than other shoes. I would say after several months of wear, it's still looking pretty alright, but the abrasion-resistant material on the front of the toebox is starting to develop a lip on one side of both shoes. With as much walking and bending/flexing of my foot at the bike shop, the pair I've used for daily wear has held up great. Nothing has cracked or flexed apart that could negatively impact the structural integrity of the shoe.

I feel the arch support is comfortable enough, but for some, it might not be supportive enough. For general workday use and riding use, the stock insert is fine, but it probably wasn't enough for the walking I did at Disney. I have experimented with the Blue inserts from Specialized and felt that they were supportive, but they can feel a bit stiff. Great for riding, but I wasn't 100% sold on wearing them on vacation. I ended up taking the Blue inserts out after I had a mishap and strained a tendon that ran along the arch of my foot. The insert put too much pressure on my arch making it painful to walk, but going back to the stock insert helped.

In general, the shoe isn't going to be super stiff so it's very walkable- great for those who want a good pedal feel but if you are looking for support, it might not be enough. The design of the 2FO is a lot better than it was when it first came out, but the rubber is not going to have the same "stick" as the Five Tens I've used. For some who do not like to feel "stuck" to the pedals, they would be a nice option, but if you are looking for a lot of grip, then these shoes might not be the ultimate choice. (However, keep in mind some pedals have longer pins and will work well with these shoes, which I found to be the case with my HNS10 Supreme pedals on my Stumpjumper.)
All in all, if you are spending the money on a shoe that you are wanting to be multi-use, I would recommend exploring the Specialized 2FO 1.0 as a viable option. Price-wise it's in the same ballpark for most of the flat shoes I'm familiar with or have worn and is in the top tier for being a great multi-use shoe comfort that is durable.


  1. Really enjoyed this review.
    Very thorough and covered a lot of points that other reviewers never touch on.



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