Getting Shreddy with Shredly: A Shorts Review

Since re-discovering my love of baggy shorts, I had been tempted to get a couple pairs of Shredly shorts. Thankfully, I have a friend who is pretty much a carbon copy of my height/weight/body type, so I was able to try on a pair of her shorts for sizing purposes. One of the things that I'm most picky about would be how wide the legs are.

What had me fall out of love with baggy shorts were wide legs that would snag my saddle whenever I would get off the seat on climbs or to simply get back on my bike. Thankfully I didn't find the legs of the Shredly shorts to be too wide for comfort. I also liked the embellishment for the snap closures (wee jewels!) So full steam ahead on ordering some fun and expressive shorts!

With the Shredly shorts, there are several style options available depending on what you are looking for, where you ride, or body type.

All of the shorts come in a wide variety of patterns/prints, but depending on which short you go with, it might have some key features for comfort or functionality. If you want an in-depth look into those differences, checking out the Style Guide is super helpful.

With my first Shredly order, I ordered the MTB Short and the Multi-Sport Short. I had contemplated going with the MTB Long shorts, but I didn't feel like the extra length for the majority of where I am riding would be necessary. I'm 5'2" so most shorts have a tendency of looking a bit long on me without trying!

I picked a pair of Multi-Sport shorts because I thought it would be fun to take a pair to wear in Florida, but to also use them as mountain bike shorts first and foremost. Between the two shorts, I didn't see enough difference to make me think I'd lose out too much. Upon delivery, I saw that the Multi-Sport shorts did come with an internal waistband adjustment, which I was prepared to go without, but was stoked that it was there!

The Multi-Sport shorts I snagged were the Nikki shorts.
The MTB Shorts I got were the Tina shorts.

I've had the opportunity to wear both shorts for a good bit of time and I feel I can say that they are a quality product that is fun, stylish, and functional. I don't have saggy bum syndrome when wearing them, the cut is flattering, and the legs aren't too wide. I'm used to riding where I live, so I'm not crashing a whole lot or anything of that nature to put the fabric to the test in terms of durability, but I feel they have some weight to them so should survive some sort of impact in some capacity.

I recently wore the MTB Shorts during a nearly 3-4 hour day of riding/tree trimming/ice cream eating. I was comfortable the entire time, granted I did get super sweaty- and I did take advantage of the vents towards the latter portion of my biking/time outdoors. I really liked that the hand pockets were deep enough to put my foldable hand saw in when I wasn't using it. Pockets are amazing when they are a functional size!

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase of the Shredly shorts, and I can't wait to meet the folks behind the brand at the Roam Bike Fest in Sedona!

If you are looking for a short that allows mobility, functionality, and a bit of style with fun prints- this is a great short to look into!

Check out a prior interview with Shredly Founder, Ashley!