Going Back To The Start- A Blogging Adventure

On Thursday night here in Decorah I will be at a local event at Dug Road Inn, This Iowa Life: A Blogging Event. The event is put on by GoodBlogs, which originally founded the ever-popular Imagine Northeast Iowa blog site that got my proverbial roots wet with more storytelling-style blogging.

Goodblogs also houses the incredibly informative Travel Iowa blog as well-which houses this post: Tackling Mountain Bike Trails of Decorah

I was asked by the GoodBlogs crew if I would be willing to share my experience with blogging on Imagine. My experience with blogging was fairly minimal prior to writing on Imagine Northeast Iowa, and I found it to be a very positive experience.

Frankly, I'm legitimately surprised with how popular my blog has become and I'm beyond humble with the positive response I've received with my writing. My goal is always to provide honest and real content- especially when it pertains to something I love and enjoy: biking aka #BikeLife

Writing is something I love to do, because I feel it's one of the best ways for me to communicate- I want to create a story from my personal experience that puts a person in my shoes, hopefully having them feel intrigued and inspired by the adventure that unfolds within the words.

This has been (so far) quite the year of opportunity for myself and my blog. A few months ago I was featured in the Iowa news paper. The Des Moines Register, in a piece titled: Decorah's hills promise glory for off road riders.

I truly feel that this is a special year for Josie's Bike Life- and I'm grateful for the continued support and continual recognition for all of what I aim to do, spread the joy of #BikeLife to women all over. Help other women find their "Life on Two Wheels" and experience the freedom and confidence-boosting power that riding a bike has to offer!


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