Men Involved: Stego

Stego is a long time friend of Travis who has recently been hired on by DHPT to work on maintaining our local mountain bike trails. He's been a rider in the area for years, and it's obvious he has been thriving with the outdoor work!

Local riders have been amazed at the quality and quantity of the work he has done. 

One of the local trails, IPT, has gotten a couple fun new and re-worked features to make it even more enjoyable.

There are areas throughout that have new shoring in place (Dust Bowl, Lower Little Big Horn) and much more. Stego truly has a knack for seeing what works and making improvements. I watched a berm being built one Sunday evening, and it really was fascinating to watch! So, it seemed like a short interview with Stego to help introduce him to the Decorah Trail System would be good, since you'll see him out there a lot this season!

What do you enjoy (so far) with trail work?

It's the beginning of the year and the dirt has been really easy to work with; not hard like concrete. The weather has cooperated a lot!

Big Berm on IPT

What has been your favorite trail project so far?
Building some new things on IPT (Iowa Public Television)

For those who have never experienced "true" berms- why are they fun?
It's like riding rails. You don't lose any speed at all and it's a much faster ride. They're built to add more fun.

You have several years of riding under your belt. What do you enjoy most about riding? 

I enjoy building and riding new things, and I also like meeting new people that love to ride bikes.

Rocky Road
What do you hope to accomplish during your first season as the trail guy?
To improve all the trails and add a few new things here and there to bring some of the younger generation out there.

Awesome! We feel it's vital to keep the younger generation interested in riding the local mountain bike trails, especially since they will be the ones (hopefully!) involved with DHPT and with the maintenance and building of said trails.

If you're out riding trails and see Stego, don't be afraid to stop and thank him for all the great work he's put into the trails. If you see any issues, say fallen trees or busted shoring, feel free to shoot a message to Decorah Mountain Bike Trails and the message will be passed on.

Special events happening soon:
Salsa Cycles Bike Demo (Thursday, April 28th- more details soon!)
Decorah Time Trials 2016 (Saturday, April 30th)
Decorah Bicycles Bike Month DHPT Fundraiser (May 1st-May 30th as we are closed Tuesdays)
Checking out the work!