Be featured on Josie's Bike Life- Call Out For Interviews

With 2 successful years of interviews under my belt- let's keep them coming!

Consider this your open invitation to be featured on Josie's Bike Life and have your story inspire other women to ride or be involved in the industry.

I'm looking for riders of all experience levels. Maybe you competed in your first event and found it's something you enjoy. Maybe you just started mountain biking, gravel, or road riding and found a new passion.

Groups are welcome to participate- each interested person will be featured. Share what inspired you to create a group or what inspired you to join.

I'm looking for women who work in the industry (companies and bike shops)- what inspired you to become involved. What do you love and what do you wish to change? What advice do you have for those seeking to be involved?

I'm looking for women involved in their cycling community (advocacy/group rides, trail work, etc.)- women involved with trail work days, group rides, and overall the cycling community are vital to keeping things rolling!

I'm not leaving the men out, either! If you know a fellow that is a positive role model in the cycling community, I'll feature them as well!

Also note, if you had plans to participate but it didn't work with your schedule, have no fear! Once you are asked you will not be turned away. There is no "too late" in my vocabulary when it comes to featuring rad women who love bikes.

Perhaps you've been featured already but have become even more involved or found out new discoveries- I'm all about doing a re-feature, especially for those who participate in events and have updates on their season/sponsors.

Be part of the series that highlights rad women- Women Involved, Women on Bikes, and Women in Bike Shops.

Let's keep sharing our experiences and continue to inspire women to find their own life on two wheels!

Be a ripple and make a wave- your involvement in the cycling community matters.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or by email- josiebikelife @ gmail . com
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