Women Involved Series: Christina Probert-Turner

Photo Credit: Phil Beckman- PB Creative
I am a Registered Nurse by profession, an avid cyclist by addiction and most recently, a contributor to social media for Turner Suspension Bikes.

My husband, David Turner, is the owner and designer of this company. We met over ten years ago on a bike ride in Lake Tahoe and have been riding together ever since.

Our shared passion for riding has had a significant impact on our lifestyle in that our free time is spent either training locally or traveling for races and riding adventures.

The beautiful places, varied terrain, and increasing competition, provide much of the inspiration for our products! The location of our first date also became one of our favorites riding spots, Downieville (Norcal). The 5000 vertical feet descent incited my husband to design the highly revered 5 Spot. 
After racing cyclecross for the last five years, we developed a cx bike. Our years of racing mountain bikes helped us design our first carbon bike, appropriately named the Czar. 

We keep apprised of the trends in the industry and were one of the first to offer the now popular 650 wheel. Upon the fat tire explosion we released our latest development at Outer Bike, King Khan. This bike features more suspension than any bike out there- check it out!

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It sounds like you met your husband through bicycles, would you like to share a little on how you met?
In 2002 we met on a group ride in Lake Tahoe. I asked him if he had ever been to Downieville, and he replied that he had not. 
So for our first date, I took him to Downieville, and we have been riding bikes together ever since.  

Your husband is the owner and designer of Turner Suspension Bicycles, what styles of bicycles do you have and what will be coming in the future?
Turner Bikes are full suspension mountain bikes, everything  including the CZAR carbon fiber 29" wheel race bike, BURNER, All Mountain 27.5 FS bike, FLUX 27.5 Trail bike, SULTAN 29" trail bike, a DHR downhill race bike. 
We also have a new Fat Bike coming this winter called KING KHAN. Because of our addiction to cyclocross Turner Bikes will be releasing the Cyclosys in the spring which will be the first non suspended non mountain bike Turner Bikes as done. There is also some secret stuff in the works, hehe!  

Even if you don’t officially work for your husband, do you find that you help out with it? What would be your favorite aspects of being involved (directly or indirectly) with the business?
I am the Director of Social Media, that's the "O-fish-al" way of saying, I Facebook, Instagram and tweet. My favorite part of being involved in the business is being on the pulse of new product releases.   

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned either bicycle-wise or business wise?
I am not sure if it is bike wise or business wise, but there are special considerations to fitting a female to a bike. Consequently getting hand-me-down bikes don't always work the best. 
Some of the specifics that I utilize include: A good comfy seat, (I have the same seat on all my bikes), correct length cranks and bar width and stem length, brake reach, (since our hands are smaller), good shorts with comfy chamois and "Petal Power" chamois cream. The sizing does not have to be women specific, just the correct fit for a women's size. 

What do you feel deters women from getting involved with cycling? Especially mountain biking? 
I guess mountain biking can be scary, hard, and a littler dirty. There are a lot more ladies riding since I started riding, and the ability of the female riders has risen considerably. The young girls are going fast and big. I have heard ladies talking about how their boyfriend or husband got them into mountain biking, and they are using their old bike. Starting out on a bike that is too big for you and a trail that is too challenging can be a deterrent for anyone. A well fitting bike and small steps will ensure a better mountain bike experience.  

What do you feel could happen to make changes and/or encourage more women to ride?
There is a huge push of women's organizations in SoCal right now: Girlz Gone Riding, Trail Angels, Mtbchick lounge and Girls Ride 2.  Women teaching women helps, because women learn differently than men.   

Often times, men will use bravado and say "just do it", while a women only clinics will actually instill confidence and explain how to do it.  

What inspires you to encourage women to ride?
I want women to experience all the wonderful adventures riding can bring, whether it is riding in a beautiful place, making a new friend, feeling the camaraderie of a team mate or riding partner, connecting with nature, conquering a challenging trail, or just getting a little dirty.   
Photo Credit: Phil Beckman- PB Creative

Any words of wisdom for new mountain bikers out there?
Getting dirty is fun!  
Get a good fitting bike, ride with-in your limits, and enjoy the mountains! 

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I like to macramé, make jewelry and knit. ha..