Adventures of the First Lady: Just keep rolln'

Well, there isn't a whole lot on my front to report as of this week for things work related. I met with our future helper for the afternoons, once Luther is out of session you will see another face working at the bike shop! We will have another helper in June- so I spend a good portion of Friday just writing tentative schedules down for these two people. Then it will be implementing Richard in a bit more throughout the summer, but without really having an idea of the traffic flow, that's not the easiest thing for me to think of yet.

Coming into a job where I do not know the ebb and flow of things is a bit frustrating.
All in all, as said numerous times, next season I'll have a better grasp.

Today we have our first co-ed/co-led ride, I'm equal parts nervous and excited! This is a first for us since I've been at the shop. Casual pace, no-drop ride and we'll meet at Goodtimes afterwards for some eats. (Backup plan, T-Bocks) Bike rental for the event is reduced for FWD and fellows who join- $15.00 for a fatbike or 29'er

In personal news, excitement grows as Monday comes to fruition. The Trek Carbon Lush 27.5 we figured would never happen, actually happened. One came into stock and somehow, magically, we were able to snag it. This will be my first experience on 27.5 as well as with full suspension. Super exciting. This bike will, for the time being, replace my Krampus as my second 3-season mountain bike. I really dig the geometry of my Trek Cali Carbon SLX, so I'm hoping I'm equally pleased with the Lush.

Otherwise we would be trying one of the 27.5+ models from Specialized...maybe next year!

IMBA's Dig In blog posted about my Time Trials race. Katherine was curious to know what spurred me to compete. Different areas have different race groups, and I feel lucky to be involved with a group of people that make me feel accepted there- even if I'm not seasoned or per say, a "winner".
I will be posting a more personal, unabridged recount of my race day adventure this week- look for it Tuesday.

Also, something super duper special that I want to get out there is that we are doing a fundraiser for the entire month of May for DHPT (Decorah Human Powered Trails)
Goal- raise $500 or more
What do you get if you purchase a $5.00 raffle ticket? A chance to win some awesome prizes!

Prize 1- $500 gift certificate to Decorah Bicycles
Prize 2- A Silver tune-up valued at $79
Prize 3- A $40 helmet and pair of SockGuy socks of your choosing!

Purchase as many $5.00 tickets you like, you have all month!
All proceeds go to DHPT (Did you know that because of DHPT we'll have some groomed fatbike singletrack this winter??!!)

If you use our trails for hiking, running, or any other form of recreation- YOU SHOULD DONATE!