Adventures of the First Lady- The First Whole Week

It's Sunday and Travis and I are having our "new normal" Sunday morning breakfast. We've "survived" the first week and I received my first paycheck. It's legit, ya'll.
There are so many adjustments one goes through when they are working in a completely different environment, and I feel I'll have to be guided quite a bit to get out of almost 7 year old habits. I don't have to let anyone know if I'm "going to the back."

I can essentially do what I want, when I want, so long as we aren't overwhelmed with customers.
I can go upstairs when I want.
I can eat when I want.
I've not had so much freedom in a job since milking cows.

What the heck?!

I still enjoy, thus far, installing a tube and tire on a rim. I find it to be something that the more I do, the more I'll develop some finger/thumb strength and sureness in myself that it's a task that I can accomplish.

I've helped with skate rentals a bit. It's not terrible. I just feel a bit awkward and uncertain of myself yet. I'm still a bit nervous over ski rentals. I practiced with Travis on figuring out how to guesstimate a ski size. I think I feel a little better about it now than I did yesterday (Saturday.) We shall see.

When it comes to bicycle-related sales stuff....I'm still in the "Holy Cow" era of learning. Understanding the various sub-categories of hybrid bikes. Learning to take bikes from around the same price point and finding differences that may help a customer choose one over the other.
Learning more about what we will take on trade or can give credit for. (Which bikes have what item that can be easily re-used in terms of popularity.)

Learning more POS stuff. It's not a complicated system by any means, but it's set up a lot differently than what I'm used to. That alone makes me slower. However, I seem to be able to pick my way around okay. Once I get more adept at it, I'll feel much more confident.
Each transaction is one step close to me achieving my "ultimate cashier" status yet again.

Working 4 hours on a Sunday is almost a vacation! My previous job had Sundays as my long day. We worked on inventory, which was helpful with giving me some more hands-on experience with the POS system.

As we finished up, closed shop, and put bikes away- a friend of ours rolled by and said if we left soon we'd still have some sun. That excited me! We had made plans to go out on a late afternoon-into night ride. Some much-needed quality time together outside of the shop.

I find myself easily overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. It's not very easy to take each day bit-by-bit, however it's really the only way one can do it. It's one of those lessons where you have to accept that your passion for something will be what ultimately drives you to continue forward.

Learning to not be afraid or scared of all the new things to learn. Allowing yourself to be open to feedback is vital- even if the struggling person within wants to be a bit snappy. More or less because you keep feeling inadequate about yourself and the situation.

Starting a new job is a lot like my learning to mountain bike. I'm facing fears. I'm being challenged. I'm having to accept feedback and accept that I will not do things right the first time, every time. I have to accept feedback. I have to accept that practice makes better.