The Bikes

The First Lady of Decorah Bicycles does happen to own several beauties (and one grumpy old man bike.)

Each bike I have ridden has been a very special experience! If bikes could talk, I'm sure they would have plenty to say about my riding.

I am also that person who gives her bikes names to give extra personality to already beautiful creations. (Built by Travis, of course..minus the Fuji.)

You can check out Decorah Bicycles on Facebook to see some of Travis' other custom bike creations.
Meet Sir Richard the Ironhearted, the bike who started it all. He's a homely bike that is very heavy but opened up my eyes to the world of bike riding. He was my trusty steed to get me to work and home as well as the first bike I road on the Trout Run Trail. He has since been converted into a grocery-getter, just waiting for his day to prove his awesomeness to the world. Ultimately, he is kept for sentimental value.

I have a lot of bikes and some are ridden far more than others...

I divided them up into a couple groups: read about my commuter bikes that I use for everyday riding/winter riding or read about the bikes that are currently kept for either a. sentimental value or b. cross-training purposes.

The bikes that I use the most often for off-road riding will be listed on below- this will include new additions to the fleet!

I admit I am 100% extremely lucky to have a partner who values my experiences and provides me tools for which I can learn what bike works best for me and brings out my shredding potential. Travis is a great sponsor, who I am fortunate to have as a riding partner and life partner!

Erza aka "Cali" is a Trek Cali Carbon SLX and is one of my favorites for the mountain bike trails.
She's definitely a looker! Her frame has purple sparkles that you can see best in the sunlight.
Erza (named after a character in an anime show called Fairy Tail) is light, nimble, and quick. She's the complete opposite of Bruno who was built to be my "monster truck." I love riding this bike. It was my first experience riding a bike more suited to my size and one I can ride for hours. Due to circumstance Cali is now going to be more of a gravel-grinder as I play around with a 650b carbon hardtail.

My first fatbike! A customized Specialized Fatboy. Custom painted with Outrageous Tobago Bay blue paint (a flip pearl that transitions from light teal to light blue.) She's dubbed Snow Queen. This bike definitely shows what you can get when you go all out with a custom build! Travis really went all out with this creation!
No, she's not a Salsa and not intended to be a Salsa wannabe. Heckno she's not a Farley.
You've got to see her in person to really get a concept of the stunning paint job. No photo can get it correct.
I promise high-fives and a beer if you visit!
When I first started out mountain biking I had a 29+ Surly Krampus which I loved but at the same time, I had many issues with it. Then I saw the bike of all bikes out at SaddleDrive, a purple fade Salsa Beargrease. Now, I've wanted a purple bike all my life (bike life, which has been a couple years now.) We learned that it could be converted to a 27.5+ (650B+) and I was sold even more than before! Custom built with added front suspension has made this bike a dream come true. Out of my other off-road machines, this one has the most similarities to my Cali for geometry- which makes it super easy to get on and feel right at home. I'm really enjoying the platform and am having more fun than ever before! Her name? Twilight Sparkle.

In January of '16 I signed up for my first Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, a couple months later Travis showed me the most beautiful carbon Salsa Spearfish frame I had ever seen. What can I say? It had the most perfect shade of pink for accents. An hour later he surprised me with an announcement that he bought it for me- because it would be the perfect full suspension race bike and I didn't have one of those yet and for Chequamegon it would be a far better choice than the Lush.
Gaston aka BEASTFACE is one of the most perfect bikes I feel I have ridden and has ultimately replaced Trixie the Trek Carbon Lush as my full suspension bike. We were a little worried about the geometry at first, but it proved to be very comfortable and easy to handle. This bike has 29" wheels and I've found that for a full suspension, I enjoy that wheel size more than the 650b size my Lush has. The Spearfish is so quick and responsive and eats up any root or rock. I feel like a badass on this bike and love that men have complemented how rad he is.

Travis jokes that I shouldn't be allowed to go to trade shows anymore, because every time we go it seems I come out with a +1. Meet Watson, named after the female character on Elementary and is a Project One Procaliber 9.8. This is the "little sister" to Cali and the bike that has essentially "replaced" her on the mountain bike trails. I find the 650b wheel size fun and playful, the geometry of the bike is fabulous, and the Isospeed decoupler is helpful for long saddle time. I have found I even like the Ajna Elite saddle that she came with, which is surprising since it's the firmest saddle I've ridden to date. I'm really enjoying having this bike in my quiver and I would say I feel she's the most technical bike I ride at this time. I'm having to remind myself of proper handling skills when it comes to climbing loose or root laden sections. It's fun to challenge myself with a bike that is not "easy" to ride, yet is so incredibly enjoyable.

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