The CLUG Bike Clip: A Product Review

A few months ago I was asked if I would have any interest in trying out & reviewing the CLUG, a simple-to-use bike rack. Well, more like a clip that hugs the tire, which they say the CLUG is like a hug for your bike.

We waited until we moved into our house before installing the CLUG as it must be screwed in somewhere. Either garage, wall, etc.

We figured the garage would be ideal as that is where I house my commuter bike most of the time.

The CLUG comes in 3 different sizes based on your tire size. There is a CLUG for Road, Hybrid, and Mountain bike tire sizes. They also come in several color options as well. Of course between the two sent to me, I chose the blue one for my bike!

Travis did the installation, which is quite simple. There are instructions with the packaging however, you can also go to the website for detailed instructions. The illustrations are quite helpful, in my opinion.

You can install the CLUG so your bike either stands vertically or install it so you roll your bike in on the floor.

This is the option we used for my bike as I have shoulder issues regularly enough to warrant not wanting to do a whole lot of "bike wrangling". To insert my wheel into the CLUG I will grasp my tire and roll it straight in. Holding the wheel helps me keep it centered along with keeping my aim. Otherwise I'm just making myself look pretty darn silly trying to push it in. A little pressure goes a long way.

Overall I would recommend this product if you're looking for something simple, easy to install, and not very bulky. Putting my bike in isn't always smooth as silk, but once I figured out my method it's not bad at all. It keeps my bike upright, I have not had it fall over after installing it in the rack. I have not had the CLUG break or show any sign of wear/damage and I'm going on my fourth month of using it.

It's a handy little gadget that keeps your bikes from leaning up against a garage or apartment wall. Much nicer than having to worry about whether or not I propped my bike up at the right angle.

Cost of the CLUG is $25.00 from