Tonik Beth Jersey Review

I was approached with the opportunity to interview one of the co-creators of Tonik. Tonik has a line of jerseys (sleeveless tanks and short sleeved) that come in a variety of colors. To make the items more cooler-weather friendly, you can purchase arm warmers as well.

Lisa and Mary started the Tonik line after experiencing some frustrating and humorous moments with trying to find jerseys that fit them comfortably. They wanted to create a line of jerseys that would function well for the task at hand, yet still make you feel that you looked good off the bike post-ride. The whole concept is to help women feel comfortable, confident, and awesome on and off the bike.

I was asked to review one of their jerseys, and that would be the Beth jersey. It's a lighter weight, breathable jersey with mesh sleeves and side panels. (Helps to keep you cool.)

The jersey has some awesome features:
  • Reflective zippers, reflective trim, reflective logos.. so you will be seen and stay safe!
  • Flat seams that are kind to your skin
  • Triple pockets in back for your goodies
  • Secure zipper pocket for your key and money
  • Longer in back to keep you covered with a gripper tape to stay put
  • Breathable, Wicking & Anti Bacterial Fabric
  • 50 UPF sun protection
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex 
I took this jersey out on a warmer day and gave it a test ride.

Something to consider with this line is that it's made to be a looser fit. For sizing they recommend you buy based on your shirt size. For myself, I chose the jersey more based on my measurements- so rather than choosing a small I chose an extra small. They state on their website that if you'd like a closer fit, to purchase a size down.

The jersey was plenty roomy for the size, so I'm glad I went the route I did.
It feels really durable, the fabric is not super thin nor flimsy feeling. I wore the jersey while mountain biking- it really gave a test to see how well everything stayed in place per-back rising up, how sleeves/shoulders felt, etc.
I rode for around my usual pre-work 40 minute ride. The jersey felt comfortable, I didn't feel like I had to pull down the front or back to "keep it in place."

I feel the reflective details are a great touch, especially if one were to wear this around town and/or on roads/gravels. It's subtle and goes with the design nicely.

The jersey withstood my singletrack ride very well. Minus some slight mud splatter, it washed up and looked like new again.
I enjoyed the simple design with fun pattern detailing. Not all jerseys need to be loud and all over the place with color, simplicity can be good! Even Travis complimented the jersey for the color/pattern.

Tonik- designed by women for women who want fun and flattering jerseys without compromising fit and style. The jerseys are well made, durable, and something you can invest in with confidence.


  1. Great, helpful review! Way to go, ladies!
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