Race Face DIY Shorts and Gloves: A Product Review

When I read about the Race Face DIY shorts, I was immediately intrigued by the look, design, and waist band that was said to "eliminate muffin top." Let's be real, sometimes we don't always feel like we look the best in our gear. Shorts can sometimes fit funny depending on proportions. So I was curious to see how these shorts would compare to a couple of my favorites.

There are times you find yourself adjusting those tabs after post ride eats/drinks, probably thinking that you should've left it at two beers instead of three. I want a short that I can feel great in before, during, and after my ride.

I really liked the two other shorts from Race Face, and these looked fantastic.

From Race Face:
"Hard-wearing and great looking, this woven stretch fabric has has a heathered outer face similar to the Tweedster fabric used on the Khyber short but unlike the Khyber, the DIY short is lighter weight with the addition of 2-way stretch for added mobility. The DIY shrugs off water thanks to the DWR treatment.

Between sizes? No worries, most riders are. The all new DIY pattern features a wide, lycra waistband designed to eliminate muffin top and accommodate curvier body shapes. Inseam is 36cm (14”), under knee, with hem openings large enough to accommodate Race Face pads.

  • Wide, lycra waistband designed to eliminate muffin top and accommodate curvier body shapes.
  • Waistband has zip stash pocket to store cards and cash.
  • Faux front fly; pull-on style fit.
  • YKK faux metallic hand pocket closures.
  • Seamless crotch gusset.
  • Zippered back pockets with magnetic closures to secure pocket flaps.
  • Branded zipper pullers throughout for ease of use with gloves.
  • Button detail at outer cuff offers additional room if needed for knee protection.
  • Double reinforced seams throughout.
Things that I think about with my body.
I'm not a complete stick. I have hips/thighs and a butt. Nothing out of proportion but at the same time, I like to make sure that clothing fits and it hugs where I want it to hug. That it's not too loose where I need it tight, etc.

These shorts, too, do not have any sort of self-adjusting to make them fit you. Put them on, they stay put. It's not to say that sometimes I wish I could tighten them a little in the waist, but I've worn them multiple trips out before a re-wash and didn't have any issues with the shorts stretching out too much or not staying put.

First thoughts I had when I initially saw the shorts out of the package. "Oh my gosh. How are these going to fit? They seem huge?!"

First thoughts I had when I put them on. "Oh my gosh!!!! These shorts feel amazing! The waist band...oh it's so soft and silky. AWESOME! The aren't super baggy in the legs, I always wanted that. Damn...my butt. Yeeeeaaaah."

I literally walked out of the rest room with a huge smile on my face and probably gushed about the shorts to Travis for at least a full minute.

They feel durable yet like Race Face said, are lighter weight. They also have the DWR treatment to make them water resistant.

If you are between sizes or curvy, these shorts are very forgiving in so many ways. I really dig them. They look awesome on and are a short that I'm not at all leery of wearing out in public whatsoever. These have become my "little black dress" of mountain bike shorts.

Related by name, I tried out the DIY gloves as well.
  • Back of hand and wrist extension feature ultra-lightweight stretch mesh.
  • Touch Screen compatible middle finger.
  • Durable spandex through fingers.
  • Reinforced finger caps.
  • Finger expansion gussets.
  • Highly absorbent micro-fibre wiping surface.
  • Lightly padded palm offers optimal hand-to-bar contact.
  • Low-profile grab tab and velcro wrist closure.
Most times I want a glove with some form of padding due to ulnar issues. This glove doesn't have that however, I have had little issues with wearing them.
Comfortable, no irritating pinching between the thumb and pointer finger.
No bunching.
These gloves can take a beating yet don't feel super thick. I checked a tree with my pinkie knuckle, my usual pair of gloves are thin and I would've easily given myself a bloody knuckle. This time I hardly shaved any skin off.
I'm able to use my camera or phone with these gloves (flip phone, peeps.)
I really like the wrist coverage. Downfall of my usual pair of warm-weather gloves- not enough wrist protection and I scraped skin off.

These gloves really rock, that's all I can say. Easy on/off. Warm weather they are still very wearable and I don't notice if they are "too warm."
An excellent purchase, which is something mountain bike riders should consider- you never know if you'll be checking a tree or if you have an unfortunate fall- my gloves have truly saved my hands from withstanding a lot of damage.