Thank You!

For everyone who has backed me up on this project, who has contributed their stories for this, as well as those who haven't contributed yet (but maybe will!)

First off, I am running out of Moms on Bikes blog posts. I have one waiting in the drafts section until photos can be sent when the weather warms and after that-that's it. If the series needs to be spruced up with questions or perhaps just needs to be a mother writing candidly-whatever you desire, it can be. The questions are an option and I am more than happy to let people free-write. My goal is to have a Moms on Bikes post every Monday if I can find people willing to contribute some sort of writing pertaining to riding/kids.

If you have a desire to share your experiences as a bike riding mom, by all means please contact me!

I have several blogs in the draft section for Women on Bikes, and I am looking for more! I've been trying to alternate and do someone somewhat local to me every other Friday, but that will be ending shortly. I've been doing my best to email the contributor the day I post as well as put out blasts on Facebook that will link their page, etc. Don't worry if your post has not been posted yet! It will! Women on Bikes posts are posted on Fridays.

I would LOVE to have more Women Involved posts! If you have already contributed to the Women on Bikes Series and feel you have more you'd like to share-hit me up! I may have contacted you already, but it doesn't hurt to contact me. Perhaps you are involved with a non-profit or volunteer your time at a biking clinic or do something for your hometown. Anything that is positive and inspiring is welcome!
Women Involved posts are posted every Wednesday, and I feel it's a great way for people to find out more about different organizations/businesses/etc.

I wanted to also let you know that I have updated my blog to have a separate page for links. I want to be supportive of those who have helped me, so links to their webpages or Facebook have been posted. However, on the main page it was started to look congested. So on the blog page you'll find a "Check This Out!" and Inspiration Provided By below it. That will take you to the links page.

If I already have you linked, but you would like your Facebook page added as well, I can do that for you. At least that is an option now! So if you want multiple links for your page(s) showcased you can shoot me an email and I can make that happen.

Thank you again for your help and for enjoying this blog project!
If you would like to contribute, email me at