Feeling a bit grounded.

I have been in a funk lately due to stress in my life coming at me from all angles. I started to feel fatigue and run down.
My riding was taking a bit of a hit, but I maintained effort to keep riding most days. I figured I would have to bust out a good ride on Monday; my IUD appointment was Tuesday and I would feel too uncomfortable to ride for a bit.

It's a frustrating feeling to feel uncomfortable continually in an area that is so utilized for something you enjoy doing. I'm feeling a bit nervous over my ride to work this afternoon, but hope that it will go smoothly and I will be no worse for wear.

I'm chomping at the bit for an actual ride; so I can burn off this excess energy and actually feel good while riding. (I'm feeling a bit more perky than I have in some time.)

I tell myself that I will not balloon with weight simply because I had to take almost a week off; because that is just silly to think. I tell myself that I am not a lesser woman because I'm choosing to give my body time to recoup and situate vs. pushing myself for goals that my ego-self wants.

More time in the mornings is giving me some additional time to pack up items for my move in the next week or so.

I feel that when I'm ready and I pedal for longer than my route to work, it will taste very sweet to me.