Some Days Are Not Like the Others

I ride almost every day and today I figured could potentially be the only non-rainy day for my morning ride. I'm not a fan of cold; I started indoor riding around the time it dropped to the high 30's last year.
Today I found my exercise induced asthma wanting to get bucky with me, and the wind just chilled me to the bones.(I'm always cold-so it doesn't matter how many layers I may or may not have on-I will be cold and wind makes me colder!) I do not enjoy the rides where I feel that chilled. (It doesn't mean I will not ride to work on the most terrible of winter days, tho!)

I didn't necessarily go out today because I had a desire to, I went because I felt an obligation to. That was my biggest downfall. I didn't physically quit my ride, but mentally I had checked out about halfway through.
I found peace towards the end and with that I felt a sense of acceptance with my realization: sometimes you just aren't into it. It doesn't mean you don't love biking, but it means that the reasons you usually bike for just aren't being met that day. (Or something like that.)
Just like people have off-days on their ride and end up not finishing their usual time; it happens. It's not the end of the world, just take those days for what they are. (Side note- I went through a phase this year where time meant everything to me, and that took the fun out of riding for me.)

Some days are hard and that's okay. If you ever found you couldn't finish a ride mentally, emotionally, or physically-I feel that's fine. I pushed myself once after my first bike biff, realizing that it would've been best for me to have taken it easy. (One loop ride instead of two) I essentially paid for it the following days and it was a lesson learned.

For me riding isn't just physical, but it's an emotional and mental relationship with myself. I ride as therapy and a way to de-stress. I find when I put too much stress or pressure on various aspects of riding, I ruin it for myself. Point being, we're all human; we all ride for different reasons. I've been on rides where I was angry, I've been on rides where I cried, I've had rides that challenged me physically, and I've been on rides where I had the most fantastic time. I have never physically quit a ride, but it's not to say I should have ridden that day. (Like when I've had colds or after I was hurt from an accident; I'm too bullheaded for my own good at times.)

If you've had every ride you've been on be the most amazing thing since cake was invented-awesome! If you've had challenging times; congratulations for acknowledging it. Riding for me has been something really amazing for myself, and I can say it's been the best therapy for me; even the tough days.