Casey Sheppard

Meet Fearless Women of Dirt Ambassador, Casey Sheppard-

Sheppard’s talents are as diverse, unique and strong as Sheppard herself. She’s a self-taught award winning metalsmith/jeweler, freelance writer, mtber, adventurer, van lifer, classic cocktail wench and entrepreneur, along with so much more.

 She has coached with Professional Downhill Mountain Biker Kat Sweet and with Professional Cyclist/Adventurer Racer Rebecca Rusch’s Wheel Girls Camp. Sheppard has her Level 1 IMBA ICP Certified and has been featured on Girl Eat Bikes Joyride Podcast series along with Josie’s Bike Life.

Sheppard has competed in top national races, road in 2014’s AIDS Lifecycle and has become a strong voice for women in the biking world.

Sheppard lectures professionally about her life on the road and project “Case of the Nomads” where she lives in her portable home Jones….Full of Grace, a converted ford transit connect mini van. She travels with her metalsmithing studio, India the Adventure Dog, mountain bike, Skidmark and connects with communities across the US.

Read Casey's On Bikes and Involved interviews.

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