Thursday, January 22, 2015

Investing in a Bicycle- Stories Needed!

Recently I posted an article I worked on a few months ago:
Investing in a Bicycle- Thoughts and Suggestions

A bicycle for any style of cycling can be an investment of which some may feel uncomfortable making.

It was based on personal experience:

After a month or so after purchasing my commuter bike, I realized it was not going to be a great paved trail bike. I got stronger and wanted to go faster-something my poor Fuji simply couldn't do.
I also outgrew my Fuji as a regular commuter- realizing that I wanted a more nimble bike and to ride in a different body position.

Often people ask themselves (I sure did!)---
Will I ride the bike enough?
Am I worth purchasing a bike of this caliber?
I already have a bike, why should I spend so much money on a second bike? (common for someone who commutes or participates in a particular style of cycling but wants to get involved with another style (road, mountain, etc.)

I'm looking for individuals who would be willing to answer a few questions on their bike purchase, such as:

Did you go the "budget" route or did you splurge?
--especially if you started road or mountain biking.

When did you realize you needed to upgrade your bike because you "out grew" it? When did you realize your bike held you back?

Did you purchase a higher-quality/dollar bike before you were really "ready" for it? How did that bike help you grow?

You are welcome to email me responses to:

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