Saturday, December 13, 2014

Show Off Your Ride, Plus More!

Who doesn't love bikes? Well, if you're reading this blog chances are you are a bike rider or are interested in taking a chance with cycling.

So, on that note...who doesn't love to see awesome bikes?!

This is an invitation for you to email me 1-3 photos of your personal bikes. On my Facebook page I will post a bike photo once or twice a week. 

Email photos of your ride(s) to josieleah03 at gmail dot com
or message me on the Facebook page!

What else?
Earlier this year I had a post where two women shared what they found important to their enjoyment of riding. Product suggestions, if you will. Why padded shorts, shoes, water, snacks, etc. are important things to consider.

Here is a link to the earlier post: What Women Recommend

If you would like to participate with "My Favorite Things" same applies as above. Email me or message me, tell me what your favorite things are and why you won't be without them! Anyone is welcome to participate (Guys, that means YOU!)

Another topic I would like to get some input on- your first mountain bike...
Did you borrow from a friend, buy used, or new?
If you bought a bike, was it more entry level or did you splurge?
What were pros/cons of either decision?
Did you upgrade and why?
If you could go back and give yourself advice, what would you say?

I would also be willing to open this up to a topic that covered all kinds of bicycles. So commuters/road riders are welcome to share experiences based on their bikes!

Feel free to comment, send an email, or message me if you would like to participate with the topic.

We all started somewhere and there are always thoughts/ideas that we can share to make an experience better for the next person! To give them ideas, thoughts, and encouragement so they can make the best decision possible.

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