Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life on Two Wheels Wants YOU!

It’s pretty darn close to a year of straight-up awesome bike blogging for me and I feel the need to again send out a thank you!

Thank you to all of you who follow me and have watched this blog grow over the past months. Without you, I wouldn’t be blogging on this level! This is still a very special project for me. Originally I was hoping to get in touch with people kind enough to share some moments of their life and answer some basic questions.

I wanted to be inspired. I wanted to talk to people who were far more proficient at cycling in various forms than I was- I needed that extra push. I needed the inspiration. I needed words of encouragement and some fragment of hope that I, too, could become a great cyclist. 

I figured if I could be inspired by the stories of others, then other women would likely be as well.

This is what Life on Two Wheels is all about. Inspiration. Hope. Encouragement. Finding that belief in yourself that you can and will accomplish your goals.
A bicycle isn’t something to be afraid of; a bicycle is something to embrace. You can experience a few moments of fleeting freedom. On a bicycle I really feel more complete and I know others do too.

On that note-
I am looking for more individuals to interview and am asking if you would please spread the word. Perhaps you, yourself have something to contribute.
I am slowly filling up the month of January with Women on Bikes interviews, but I have a shortage of Women Involved interviews. I need interviews throughout all of next year!
I need volunteers to either be interviewed or to have people connect me with those that they feel would be a great candidate. 

Spread the word. Share this post. With your help we can provide another year of inspiration for women on bicycles!

This is what I am looking for:
*Any woman who rides, no matter what kind of style: road, commuter, mountain, etc. Basically if you ride a bike you can be interviewed!
*Women who are activists and are involved with their local cycling community. *Those who are encouraging of getting women on bicycles
(coaches, ride leaders, etc.)
*Women who are advocating cycling in the social media world- who have websites/blogs related to cycling.
*Women who compete in events and/or do long distance rides
(races, triathlons, tour, etc.)
*Women who are involved in the cycling industry and/or work/own a bike shop/company.
*Ambassadors for companies/brands

I'm shedding light on the real women of the cycling world- and everyone is welcome. The great part is if you are involved with a company or have your own website/blog or social media it will all be linked in your post!
If you put together an event for your community, the post can be published within a week or two of your event for added publicity.

My hope and desire is to keep the interviews flowing- the current interview publishing schedule-
Mondays and Fridays: Women On Bikes
Wednesdays: Women Involved

Men are welcome as well if they fit any of the above criteria!

I am also open to guest posts as well! You can write about a personal experience or maybe an event that you put on or attended.

If you have a person (or several) you feel would be a great fit, please put them in contact with me! Let’s keep providing inspiration for other women and show them that a bicycle really can and does change your life!

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